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The Substance of a Cloud Partnership

by admin / May 04, 2021

The Substance of a Cloud Partnership

Continued development in the cloud industry allows new opportunities to evolve your business platform, increase profit, and establish recurring revenue, which can increase the appreciation of your company. Microsoft makes available to you an amazing opportunity to become a Microsoft Cloud Partnership; an opportunity in which you are granted software rights for use within your company only, have access to custom-designed training and prioritized exposure in Microsoft marketing and product directories. Being a Microsoft partner, you are entitled to these benefits.

The Microsoft Partner Network consists of the Cloud Essentials, Cloud Accelerate, and Cloud Deployment programs. The Microsoft Partner Network is in the process of merging the Microsoft Partner programs into the Microsoft competencies and the new Microsoft Action Pack subscription. The cloud internal-use software benefits and Cloud Essentials have been melded into the network; however, the Cloud Deployment programs and the Cloud Accelerate programs will remain accessible until the launch of the cloud into the competencies.

Becoming a member of Cloud Essentials; completing three cloud deals for 150 seats within 18 months; and having either an active Microsoft Action Pack subscription or a Microsoft competency, immediately makes you a member of the Cloud Accelerate program and ultimately a Microsoft partner. With this MS partner status, you receive additional benefits.

The highly successful Cloud Essentials program has been blended into the new Microsoft Action Pack subscription to offer new resources made in regard to specific business models. Cloud Essentials will hit the hay at the end of June 2014. So get the new Action Pack subscription.

Keep in mind that the Cloud Accelerate program will continue. For automatic enrollment into the Cloud Accelerate Program you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Sell or deploy one of a list of specified services to at least 3 customers every 18 months, 12 months for returning members. These services include Microsoft Office 365, Windows Intune, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • You are also required to have either a Microsoft Action Pack subscription or a Microsoft competency.

Recent Cloud Accelerate partners will not obtain cloud software licenses for company internal use because they are being merged into the Microsoft Partner Network core benefits, which are available to Action Pack subscribers and/or competency partners.

Note also that the Cloud Deployment program will remain and it necessitates that you become a Cloud Accelerate partner; achieve a Silver or Gold Collaboration and Content, Communications, Devices and Deployment, Messaging, or Project and Portfolio Management competency; and finally, you must conclude one Office 365 deployment of more than 150 seats in the past eighteen months. Then, you will be immediately accepted into the Cloud Deployment program.

Microsoft Cloud Partners internal-use software licenses transition notice:

According to, all partners holding current internal-use software licenses available through a cloud program should be notified that they must move forward with the change so that they are in conjunction with the new internal-use software license process and claims, which are available to Action Pack subscribers and competency partners, only before to June 30, 2014, or the internal-use software licenses become outdated. It is called to your attention that May 30, 2014, is the apparent end date for subscriptions; however, there is a 30-day standard grace period which will end on June 30, 2014. During this 30-day grace period there is no effect on either users or data.

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