Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

The process of managing each stage of the hiring process has been made simple with Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Management with AI. The procedure is flawless, encompassing posting job alerts, talent searches, interviews, evaluations, and hiring. It also fosters a collaborative recruitment culture by uniting the many HR team divisions to hire the greatest personnel.

With that in mind, our professionals in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally ensure to give you the best-in-class experience of Dynamic 365 HR services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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Transform your HR staff with Dynamics 365

Human Resources by providing them with tools that would simplify HR tasks, boost employee growth and lets you make better business decisions.

The daily activities of Human Resources from managing employee development to efficiently managing core human resource activities has taken a drastic change with the introduction of Intelligent tools and Automation. Dynamics 365 Human Resource lets you streamline your HR tasks and provides an advanced recruiting edge to the process of hiring in your organization.

The MS Dynamics 365 HRMS management software solutions assist organizations and individuals in accurately assessing employee behavior’s and performance, upholding operational excellence, and achieving targeted outcomes.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource Dashboard


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource Dashboard


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource Dashboard

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource?

Motivate your employees, bring them to a position to succeed and drive professional growth with the employee-centric tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. The solution will help you and your team to not only streamline common HR tasks but also will let you bring higher employee retention experience.

Have an agile, high-performance culture with optimized workforce cost:

Empower managers and employees

Drive human resource excellence

Strengthen your core HR programs

Improve collaboration and share insights

Bring Out The Best In Your Team With Dynamics 365 Human Resource And Linkedin Talent Solutions

Competition in the recruitment market is now aggressive than ever with the combination of education and talent coming as a premium package. LinkedIn Talent along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources in the Middle East lets you to take the top place in the competitive market and makes you hire the best candidate by letting you analyse, engage, have an online interview before shortlisting the right candidate. Make use of your teams’ pre-defined skills and knowledge of Office 365, Microsoft suite, Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management along with LinkedIn Talent Solution hub.

Grow as you learn and take advantage of the stair-step approach.

Cloud Business Applications Competency lets you differentiate your business.

The advantages of utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR management in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally. You may eliminate time-consuming routine procedures in the employee’s digital personal file and discover everything you need in seconds. Having safe access to employee data, including sophisticated dashboards, from any device has improved collaboration, communication, and responsiveness for businesses.

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Foster A Culture Of Excellence With Dynamics 365 Human Resources Core:

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource you can enable employees to access the self-service tools. This lets your managers and employees to access all the core HR features and capabilities at a single location which lets in reducing the workforce cost, provides great employee performance culture. The core HR feature lets streamline the employee benefits, compensation policy, compliance program, and many more core HR features.Create A High-performance Culture For Your New Hire’s Success With Dynamics 365 Human Resource:

Every new hire in an organization involves cost and thus an effective hiring process plays a vital role in the success of an organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource makes your new employees feel connected and welcomed and lets them streamline with the HR process of your business.

Dynamics 365 Human Resource ensures timely administration tasks completion and also lets productive cross-functional collaboration which ultimately leads to talent success. The HRMS system in UAE provides you with a thorough overview of important data. This might include details like who is on leave and for what reason, daily attendance, and late arrival or absence.

MS Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent) empowers your human resources team and people managers with the tools they need to land top candidates and speed up their success. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 14 years of experience with HR software and management, Bemea Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally, is the perfect team to help you evaluate, plan and deploy Microsoft dynamics 365 human resources in your organization.

So what are you waiting for? We will help you built up your core HR within your organization. We at Business Experts Gulf LLC are expertise in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally with successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources solution and we can guide you through the pricing, application features to get you on board with the solution.

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