Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Attract, On-board and set employees up to the next level through Dynamics 365 for Talent, it’s an intelligent cloud based HR service tool.

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What is Dynamics 365 for Talent?

Dynamics 365 for Talent is a cloud-based HR application that deals with workforce planning, recruitment and on-boarding.

Dynamics 365 Talent is designed to work in the following way:

1.  Attract

2. On-board

3. Core HR

  • ATTRACT AND HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Dynamics 365 for Talent can help you attract the right people with the smooth integration of LinkedIn Talent Solution
  • TAILORED ONBOARD EXPERIENCE: Dynamics 365 for Talent lets you come with an on-boarding process for new recruits and makes the onboarding into the organization smooth and quick.
  • GROW YOUR TALENT: Dynamics 365 for Talent comes with new techniques so that both the organization and the employee benefit the business.
  • CORE HR: To run an agile, high-performance culture by automating HR tasks and creating key strategic initiatives.



Talent is needed in every organization. Dynamics 365 for Talent and we at Business Experts Gulf will assist and guide you with the proper implementation of Talent so that you can engage the right candidate.

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