Accommodation Management Software

Labor and Accommodation Management Software Solution for the Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally. Artificial intelligence (AI) -based solution to manage labor camps and accommodation and everything in between. By automating and streamlining all of the difficult and extensive back-office administrative tasks. Camp management software tools enable modernization of the camp facilities.Our labor camp management software solution offers an enhanced system that maintains and records attendance and enables you to save time. It allows camp and accommodation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Middle East & Globally.

Accommodation Management Software

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Camp Management in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.

Owners to track payments and also lets you achieve social and business objectives and responsibilities. Additionally, the software will compile a database of data about campers using the information from registration forms. The global market drivers for camp management software are the ability to maximise the camping experience. Service customisation, useful insights from huge data, and application flexibility.

Manage Contracts: Manage contracts, tenants and clients simply and with the same software. Create new arrangements with complete customization – approve and disapprove contracts. Amend agreements according to your requirement.

Manage Inventory: It reduces the difficulties and complexities of camp and accommodation owners – it empowers employees and tenants to keep up with information and updates.

Finances and Accounts: Our easy-to-understand accounting and finance system will help you to monitor, manage and control ROI, expenses, payouts, costs and other cash flows.

Facility and Asset Management: Track and manage asset value and movement. Our camp and accommodation management software solution and a system that allows owners to audit assets and see asset depreciation cost and weight.

ERP Software Solution for Camp Management

ERP Software Solution for Camp Management

Taking care of employees and staff is the first responsibility of any company, and when it comes to the rights of employees, provides total benefit to the employees – that is also why BEMEA is Middle East & Globally companies’ No. 1 choice for opting for camp management software solutions. Employers can take care of their employees with an efficient ERP for camp management. It boosts the potential and productivity of employees while increasing profitability in the Middle East & Globally.

BEMEA’s artificial intelligence (AI) software solution for camp management is best for medium and large-sized cities like Dubai, Middle East & Globally where accommodation is a lot; where efficiency and precision are required at each stage. This software solution allows you to manage, track, record, regulate and plan accommodations and allot space for employees. Companies in the Worldwide with more than one accommodation and camp require flexible and comprehensive labour camp management software solutions.

If you think of it, the software reduces dependency on manual work, and so you can do away with errors. Also, it is easier to track information using software, and the data is safe.

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Key Features of Camp Management Software Solution

Key Features of Camp Management Software Solution

Managing labour and employees’ accommodation in the Middle East is very difficult and time-consuming. Also, if you need people to manage the workforce it increases your expenses to a great extent. Employers need a software solution that enables them to allot employees within no time. Our camp management software allows employers to accommodate them according to their facilities and designations.

  • Terminate, validate or renew rental contracts and agreements
  • Compute payments and manage services like sports, pools and other health clubs
  • Execute and run mess facilities with dine-in, parcels and coupons system
  • Sort and manage staff with filtered and intelligent dashboards
  • Update and compile records with respect to food, age, nationality, and company
  • Monitor and analyze employees’ check-in and check-out
  • Record, allow, manage and plan add-on facilities and services
  • Manage laundry and other hospitality services
  • Optimize, manage and plan bed space according to company, age, food and nationality

With these features you can meet deadlines and develop a more comprehensive approach towards work.

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Benefits of Using Camp Management ERP


Benefits of Using Camp Management ERP by BEMEA

With advanced and intelligent camp management software, employers unleash employees’ full potential. Employees can be allotted rooms accordingly by seeing their nationality, age, designation, food, culture, and other aspects. With better management, you can create and approve new contracts, see attendance and do much more.

  • Manage timesheet and attendance
  • Easy to implement and room allocation
  • Monitor activities with friendly UI
  • AI dashboards and generate MIS report
  • Integration with online and offline access
  • Maximize room allocation with precision
  • Coordinate and control activities

This management software adds a special human element to your work. You can be smart and considerate at the same time.


Fully Tailored Camp Labor Management Software in Dubai, UAE & Worldwide

No matter the size of the company and the business model, BEMEA provides fully customized, operational and functional software solutions. This ERP will put an end to redundancy and save time. Manage hundreds of employees and staff with a single software solution.

Our software solution for camp management will allow companies to allocate their employees and staff within a matter of minutes with precision and efficiency. Customization can be done for the following details and information:

  • Name, age and date of birth
  • Company joining date and passport expiry date
  • Passport number and UAE ID card details
  • Employee skills and asset management
  • Allowance, salary, transportation, and attendance
  • Holidays, vacations, leaves, and probation days
  • Visa details, experience, qualifications and nationality
  • Address, marital status and contact number

Fully Tailored Camp Labor Management Software


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Camp Management Software Modules by BEMEA

Enhance productivity and efficiency with a single software solution. Increase profitability by managing workflow and workforce at the same time. Managers and CEOs can spend time on more important business aspects with driven employee accommodation.

  • Canteen management
  • Contract management
  • Attendance and leave
  • Facility management
  • Service requests
  • Building allocation
  • Discipline and visitors’ log
  • Medical and health check
  • BI and MIS reporting
  • HR and payroll
  • Record management and mobilization
  • Coordination and help desk
  • Inventory, accounting and finance management

Acquire the Best Before the Rest

Get the best and most recognized automated labour camp and accommodation management that offers updated details about employees and centres like facilities management, allocation of resources, operations and such. Our camp management software allows you to take complete control of camp activities, provide total support to employees, and tackle challenges. With the help of our software, you can precisely calculate all the costs associated with the project. Keep track of all rent and other service charge expenses.

No matter how many employees the company has, we manage the camp and employees’ database for allocation and accommodation with total optimization—our modules and AI integration help provide ease and increased ROI.

Acquire the Best Before the Rest

Employees make the business bag successes, and you do need to make sure that employees are happy and relaxed after work so that they work with fulfilment the next day – this can be done by providing them accommodation by examining their needs, and that can be done by opting for the best camp and labour accommodation software system.

A Perfect Solution to Manage Camp and Accommodation

Our camp management software solution is used in the following sectors:

  • Labor camp
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • companies

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Supported Regions 

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah), GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) Yemen, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, Canada, and USA, with Global approach.

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