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Applying company policies on Employee data management, dependents’ management, Contracts and salaries, Time validations for Over time, deductions and absences and an accurate pay sheet have always consumed most of the HR department’s time due to the impact, importance and sensitivity of the process. Though, all the required processes can run on pre-defined set of rules based on logic. Expert HRMS and payroll focuses on a principle that company policies should be the base of all calculations.

At Business experts Gulf, Middle East, with the experience of over 100 clients globally, we have intensively worked to establish the doctrine of Grade based HR controls throughout the Solution by parameterizing the solution to the maximum level for flexibility and scalability.

The solution is available as an ISV based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F/O with real-time financial integrations for UAE, Middle East, Kenya and Yemen and can be adjusted to fit any calculations by using the flexible formula editor.

Key Features:

 Employee Management

  • Air tickets defined per grade for ticket type. Air ticket setup form provide point of hire-based fares for payment calculations on prorate bases.
  • Contracts management for Locals and expat employees. Gross salary is distributed to components based on predefined logics.
  • Courses creation by HR and later request by employee.
  • Dependents information management for benefits calculations
  • Employee master with UAE specific data management
  • Employee structure for reporting and workflows
  • Grades for controlling salary ranges, notice periods, bonus, leave type count and eligibility and misc.
  • Gratuity accruals and final settlement as per UAE Labor law. Also, flexible to meet specific cases.
  • Insurance record management
  • Jobs creation with details management for JD report printing from system.
  • Pension as benefit and deduction reporting with employee balance details.
  • Positions and reporting to positions to maintain relationship between departments.

Employee self-service

  • Letter Requests from HR
  • Employee misc. requests
  • Leave requests with leave resumptions. Adjustments for early and late resumptions processing.
  • Grievance requests
  • Sponsorship requests

HR Processes

  • Objective review
  • Performance review

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