eXperts People 365-ISV for F&O

eXperts People 365- HR & Payroll solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

eXperts People 365People Management, the new terminology for HR management, is currently occupying a magnificent space in the modern business, as the workforce is considered as one of the most valuable assets in your organization, which needs to be treated as an extensive tool.

Managing People in your organization directs you to search for the Best and Most Practical tools to control all the processes in Employee lifecycle, From Hire to Retire: Payroll, However, might be insufficient and leads to a number of manual entries if you are not using the suitable tool for this Job.

Experts People 365 – Fully integrated Payroll Solution in Microsoft D365 F&O

Business Experts Gulf, with the experience of over 100 clients globally, have intensively worked to establish the doctrine of a Parametrized Payroll Module, Experts People 365, Completing the full image of ERP, Raising your D365 F&O platform to the maximum level of Flexibility and Integration. The solution is available as an ISV based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O with real-time financial integrations for Gulf (UAE), Kenya, and Yemen, and other countries.

Why eXperts People 365 for Finance and Operations?

  • A Grade Based Solution, with several correspondence setups and validations, as Salary Scales, Notice Period, Family Coverage in different benefits, …
  • Leave Management supports unlimited number of leave types, can be restricted with the local labor law by applying the flexible configurations and setups to meet the law. As well as other features related to the leave management as leave Salary, leave encashment, Duty Resumption, Carry forward, etc..
  • Benefits: such as Air tickets, Pension, Social Security, insurance, …
  • Loan Management, with Multiple types supported, and flexible setups to meet the policy in any organization, along with installments edit option in terms of Due Dates and Amounts.
  • A Flexible, slab-based Gratuity Setup, to calculate the Gratuity accruals and the EOS settlements.
  • Overtime feature, fully integrated with the time and attendance feature, auto read and auto generate of OT journal based on predefined Equations for multiple types of OT.
  • Tax Management: Option to select tax slab details/ taxable earning/ tax details.
  • A structured Employment Contract, cover different types of contracts (Limited, unlimited)
  • Time and attendance management, unlimited number of shifts that can be defined in the system, with a comprehensive solution that covers the Absence, Short Hours (Late Arrive / Early Exit), Half Day Leave, Roasters, and fully integrated with the overtime and leave management, along with the auto calculation of the correspondence earnings or deductions, as per the equations define in the setup.
  • User friendly periodic processes for Processing Salaries, posting them, Generate the Payroll voucher, SIF file Export, etc. ….
  • Easy Mapping the Pay codes with the COA, to fulfil the smooth integration with the GL module.
  • Number of essential reports like Salary Sheet, Salary Comparison, Pay slip, Bank reports, Accrual report, etc. …
  • Number of Power BI Dashboards.

Main Benefits of implementing Experts People 365:

  • Localized Payroll for the Arab Gulf Area, along with other countries in Africa and Middle East.
  • Multi-Language Solution.
  • Fits any size of Organization, with Unlimited number of Companies in the same Organization.
  • Easy setup and configuration which can be adjusted to fit any calculations by using the flexible formula editor.

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