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HR and eXperts People 365

HR and eXperts People 365

HR & eXperts People 365 solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Supported regions – UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah), GCC. (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq). India, Somalia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, Canada, and USA, with Global approach.

People Management, the new terminology for HR management, is currently occupying a magnificent space in the modern business. As the workforce is considered one of the most valuable assets in your organisation, which needs to be treated as an extensive tool. And this is what our HR and Business Central Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally offers. It is an all-inclusive human capital management solution that seamlessly answers queries of what employee’s demand. It is useful for most businesses operating in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally and maintaining smooth operations.

Managing People in your organisation directs you to search for the Best and Most Practical tools to control all the processes in the Employee lifecycle, From Hire to Retire: Payroll. However, this might be insufficient and lead to several manual entries if you are not using the suitable tool for this Job.

Business Experts Gulf, with the experience of over 100 clients globally, has intensively worked to establish the doctrine of a Parametrised Payroll Module, Experts People 365, Completing the full image of ERP, Raising your D365 F&O platform to the maximum level of Flexibility and Integration. The solution is available as an ISV based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O with real-time financial integrations for Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.


Key Features of eXperts People 365 that most business set up can benefit from the HRMS solutions services are:

  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Core HR
  • Payroll
  • Power BI – Dashboards
  • Mobile App Enabled
  • Time and Attendance Integration



Key Features of eXperts People 365



Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee Self-Service Portal

In eXperts People 365, a comprehensive self-service portal is embedded and available to all employees and managers. Employees can now participate in entering their own records in the HR system from their access, such as Attendance, Roasters, leaves, loan requests, allowance requests, and HR letters requests.

They can even update their own information like Contact information, addresses, and Family contacts. All these tasks can be performed without having to go through the HR department, without having to repeat the monotonous daily tasks.

Employees can also check their remaining leave days and print out their pay slips. Excellent employee self-service applications seamlessly build up HR connectivity.

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Human resources streamline many routine recordkeeping tasks and automate several processes related to staffing your organisation. It also provides a framework for human resources staff to manage areas of oversight. These areas include employee recruitment and retention, benefits administration, training, performance reviews, and change management.

Features Includes:

  • Organization Structure
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Course management and Talent Development and Acquisition
  • Succession Planning

To know more about the Core HR features and capabilities, feel free to contact us at in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.


Having Experts People 365 is the most practical tool to manage the employee lifecycle, from hire to retirement; this is how an organisation should operate in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally. Get the best assistance from our team that suits your business requirements at its best.

  • Experts People 365 helps you to create a comprehensive Payroll System that covers Benefits and deductions rules and assignments at employee type (Local or Expat), along with a Bonus distribution mechanism based on grades and scores of reviews.
  • Experts People 365 also provides End of service calculations for locals and ex-pats, along with Insurance for employees and families based on their grades.
  • Manage Employee advances/ Loan management based on the pre-agreed schedule for deductions through Manual variable allowances and deductions in the pay run.
  • Payroll reports play a major role in Payroll Processing to support users in generating different document formats for the most used reports, such as pay slips, Pay sheets, Payroll comparison reports, Sif files, Bank reports, EOS reports, and other reports.

Payroll Management has vast workflows which show in detail Advance/Loan requests, Employee Contracts, Leave requests/resumption, End of Service, and many more.
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Payroll Management




“Bridge the gap between data and decision making”.

  • Create amazing data experiences
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Optimize your business intelligence with trusted Microsoft technologies

These detailed data will let you make precise decisions and let you know more insights into your business ecosystem. It facilitates seamless business operations and maintains updated data on the dashboard for businesses in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.


With eXperts People 365, you can have seamless integrations with any biometric machine to retrieve employees’ attendance from different locations, supporting the salary allocation in different attendance locations, which reflects on the cost centre.

Time and attendance module ensures for you full fledge integration with employee’s leaves, absence, and overtime, even it captures the missing entries and notifies HR team about the missing records.

This is how the efficient HR and Business central in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally, help businesses progress. The 365 Business Central with HRMS Experts People 365 helps track detailed records for the employees, optimise resource levels, empowering the workforce to find beyond their job description. It further helps take real-time and data-driven decisions based on the Business Central software suite.

All the correspondence calculations are embedded within the T&A module, in a configurable manner, to meet the policies of your organisation, and the regulations in the Labour Law in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.

For a top-class solution for HR & Payroll on MS Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally, please contact us today at or call us at 04-421-4909.

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