Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

Explore Modern Workplace Possibilities for Enhancing Your Work Environment

We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

BEMEA Partnering with Microsoft for Latest Deployment and Technology

Pandemic has changed the way of working for the whole world and this means that your employees should be able to work from anywhere, from any device and from any network while securing your online IT assets. Threats have also increased ever since people have been working online and that is why the use of Microsoft Modern Workplace has been more in demand. This platform allows the employees to work with ease and without any glitch or lack in communication while the managers and CEOs can see data coming in continually.

Bemea Deployment And Technology Partner
Ai Fueled Work Environment

Deputize Workforce with AI Fueled Modern Work Environment

Managing Singular Endpoints

Enhance your workforce with productivity and security. Organizations can also take benefit of the following from Microsoft Modern Workspace in Dubai, UAE:

  • Latest Insights: get all the insights that give you an idea about cost reduction
  • Latest Technology: get recommendation and assistance with updated software functionality to manage all endpoints
  • Management and Deployment:get the best deployment while experiencing fast onboarding

AI Security:keep your infrastructure safe from any online and offline threats

The Security You Need

The Security you Need in Modern Workplace

BEMEA offers best management of control and access protection against threats and protection of data. The following offers also come along with our services:

  • Security Management: get full transparency of all security levels and get full control on security management
  • Access Management and Identity:get control and access to valuable while safeguarding user’s identities
  • Protection Against Threats:get quick solutions to any online attacks and also helps organizations make security and backup arrangements
  • Protection of Information:get control over authorization and ensure security of data, emails and documents

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