How to Create a User-Friendly SharePoint View with PowerApps?

How to Create a User-Friendly SharePoint View with PowerApps

PowerApps is featured by Office 365 and it is one of the most innovative features. It enables users to connect, create and share business-related applications with employees and teams. The best part about PowerApps is that it allows users to create a business app without needing to code at all – meaning anyone can build a business application.

SharePoint offers an integration with the PowerApps. You can build mobile-friendly or any device-friendly view for SharePoint libraries and lists. People who use both of these platforms don’t know how to create a user-friendly SharePoint view with PowerApps. Here, we have mentioned some ways of doing it.

We suggest that you make a simple list for better understanding – a list that contains Title and City fields and create a new view named ‘New PowerApps View’.

 Step 1: Sign in to SharePoint > go to SharePoint List > click on ‘PowerApps’ in the top bar and select ‘Create an App’.

 Step 2: The Create an App wizard will appear > enter the name of the view and click ‘Create’. Name it whatever you want.

 Step 3: When you click on Create, the PowerApps engine will load – it will take some time as it creates every connection from SharePoint and PowerApps. After all, this is done, you will be able to see a mobile view.

          Know That: You can customize themes with different colors and layouts.

 Step 4: You can change the layout of the View. Select the body of the app from the designer > select the Layout section from the right-hand Gallery > drop down for options and click on ‘Title and Subtitle on Overlay’. Refresh the page and you will be able to see the difference. 

Step 5: You can also add different varieties of customizations to the created app. You can view the app before publishing it on SharePoint. To do this, just click on ‘Preview App’ or press F5. You will get a real-time view of the app and you can press Esc (escape) to exit the preview and make further changes.

Step 6: Test the responsiveness and interaction of the application. To do this search or click on any contact/record.

 Step 7: Here, you will know how to display the app as a view on SharePoint. To do this, go to the File tab > click on Save. After the app has been saved, you will be taken to the publish screen, there you have to click on Publish and it will publish the view on the SharePoint list.

 Step 8: Go to the original SharePoint list and select ‘New PowerApps View’ from the PowerApps view.

 Step 9: Select the application that will display the newly created designed app/tab.

 You can add new entries by just clicking on the ‘+’. As you can see, creating a user-friendly SharePoint view with PowerApps is super easy and there is zero need for coding or programming.


 Q: What are the benefits of PowerApps Integration with SharePoint?

Ans: Below are the benefits of PowerApps integration with SharePoint:

  • Create well-structured apps without any coding and programming
  • Add more functions and controls in the apps resulting in flexibility
  • Allows users to create a fully customized UI
  • Boosts employees’ productivity
  • Adding multi-data sources in a single app

 Q: What is the use of PowerApps in SharePoint?

Ans: PowerApps is a platform that allows users to create business applications that run on a web browser and on any device and there is zero coding required. When the app is created, you can publish it on the SharePoint page.

 Q: How does SharePoint integrate with PowerApps?

Ans: To do this, open PowerApps studio and open the app you want to customize or update > select Data > select Add Data > Connectors > SharePoint. Connect with a SharePoint website and select an entry in the Recent Sites list or paste or type the URL and select Connect.

 Q: How many types of PowerApps are there?

Ans: There are two types of PowerApps:

  • Model-driven apps
  • Canvas apps


          Business applications can sometimes cost a lot but thanks to these two platforms, making small business applications and sharing them with the team and employees has become the easiest thing.  

You can create apps with amazing UI and near-to-perfect responsive and mobile-friendly apps. Plus, customization of these apps is also easy.

These apps are used to boost the productivity of the employee and it also helps them stay connected while managers, executives, and CEOs can monitor each and everything.  

With so much of hype around the Microsoft Office 365 and its evolving changes in the industry, many subscribers are willing to know whether the new updates are true or not. Well, in order to clear all the doubts here and there, the main fact is that Microsoft has changed its subscription game on the main front. It has managed to make its subscription for Microsoft Office 365 even more appealing by increasing the number of valid users who can willingly use the particular subscription at once.

How Will This New Update Change The Game For You?

Mainly the users were confused about the fact that whether the new of the new updates are true from the company’s side or not. Now Microsoft has come out loud to say that it has managed to make the use of Microsoft Office 365 much more accessible than before. The earlier cost of subscribing to the entire package of Home subscription used to manage a huge list of apps and platforms with the advent of 1TB of storage space for the OneDrive cloud services. Now even the cost has been revised to attract the users towards the prospects of subscription.

The Advent Of Unlimited Devices

Earlier, only five users used to get the opportunity to use one valid subscription on the go, but the new subscription model would be able to allow a maximum number of six users to evidently share a particular subscription. However, the prospects of attaining the 1TB OneDrive persistent allowance and an associated 60 minutes of Skype comes free for a month for each of the six users of the subscription. Now that the model has launched its unlimited user’s version, the effective value of the product line of Microsoft has increased big time.

Ready To Get Your Updates?

The main feature of MS Dynamics is that the Home subscription package now allows you to freely install the Office package on various devices where each of the users of the subscription would be able to sign into five devices at the same time. In this way, Microsoft is making its way to impress and allure the existing as well as the newly interested subscribers in the industry, which is adding to its offer value.

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Are you planning to get your personal computer an upgrade? If yes, then you would also have to get a new Microsoft Office pack as the tools included in it are vital. But, when you would be purchasing the office suite you would notice that there are two options for you to choose from. You can either get Microsoft Office 2019 or you can buy Microsoft Office 365. But anybody would get confused about the differences between the two.

Features Of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is available in standalone form. It means that once you have purchased the suite, you own the copy of it forever. You do not need to have a monthly subscription to use it. Also, the installation of this version of Microsoft Office is limited to one computer and it would receive all the new updates. It comes with 1-TB OneDrive cloud storage. It also offers you credits on a monthly basis that allows you to make landline calls from Skype.

Features Of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 works on a different plan. It offers applications that are there in the Office 2019 suite but has a lot more exclusive apps and features to offer. You have to pay the subscription amount on a monthly or yearly basis. Apart from that, the access to this suite can be with a total of six people at maximum based on the subscription chosen by you. That means with one subscription, you can use Office 365 on six different systems.

What Would Suit You The Best?

Microsoft is responsible for developing both the suites. Hence, it can be confusing which one to go for. Microsoft Office 365 is for the people that want to use a lot of apps at a low cost. It is the cheapest available option to upgrade. Also, it has an upper hand on Office 2019 if you wish to install the apps on any other system. It also comes with 1-TB OneDrive cloud storage and gives you Skype minutes.

However, you would need to purchase Microsoft Office 2019 if you wish to work on a commercial level. The cloud storage also provides an automated backup of the documents that you work on. If you need an original subscription of Microsoft Dynamics, visit Business Experts Gulf. Our services also include various Microsoft products. Therefore, in case of any requirement or trouble, dial us.

In the recent past, we did not see much effort from Microsoft in the sector of Office. However, after the launch of two brand new Microsoft Office suites, the 2019 and 365 versions, it is back in the news again. This time Microsoft has come up with new icons for the applications of both the Microsoft Office suites. There has been a complete makeover of the app logos. The new look is trendy and has many pros. Let’s discuss the design in detail.

Much Needed Update Needs To Get Delivered

After two decades of slight changes in the app logos, this time Microsoft really delivered. The new look for the apps are great and they do fit well in the trend. This major update in the looks was much needed and now that it is finally here, the users are happy. Even the apps in the Microsoft Dynamics partners got this update. This update also attracts more customers to the businesses that use Dynamics CRM system.

Know the Purpose Of The Designs

The designs are on point and they reflect the purpose of the Microsoft Office 365 apps in a fine manner. The base colour of the apps is not white anymore. Rather, white is just used to write the letters on the logo now. The base colour is now a solid shade with nice colour palette effect. The Excel logo shows a spreadsheet cell in different colours. The PowerPoint logo shows a pie chart and that is genius from Microsoft.

Follow The Trend and Design

The use of strong colours is much in trend right now. With the minimal design of the app logos, it looks spot on. The logo has to reflect the characteristics of the app. The apps look much bolder and lighter in general now. Also, the apps are much better in the user interface as it is more user-friendly than ever. The design and detailing of the new apps for Microsoft Office 365 is a great job done by Microsoft.

The new update and work done by Microsoft is great and deserves applause. They are fulfilling the needs and wants of the users in the newest manners possible. In a popular opinion and even in the words of critics, it is a good buy. Microsoft Dynamics partners are greatly attracted by the looks of the new app. Business Experts Gulf is the best place to get you Microsoft products and as they have genuine services.

Microsoft provides the chance for businesses to move their entire business and operations to the cloud with the simple use of Office 365. The task of moving business activities to the cloud with the help of a cloud-based system can have several advantages for the company. The fact that many of the leading Microsoft Gold Partners suggest companies to co-create a cooperative cloud environment for their business is evident for its efficaciousness.

Office 365 for Business

Work from Anywhere with Ease

The primitive advantage that Office 365 offers for the companies using the cloud-based platform created by Microsoft are working from anywhere. The fact that all files and operations get managed on the cloud makes it easier for the company professionals to access the data from anywhere. This eradicates the need for redundancy of files and data from multiple systems to maintain multiple versions. A single version can reflect progressive updates made. Moreover, these files can thus be accessible from several platforms that offer interoperability to the business.

Collaboration of Work Becomes Simpler

One of the most common things that a company needs to manage is the cooperation of tasks between team members. Every department of the company comprises numerous teams and every team has multiple members working on the same project. The people of the team need to be able to coordinate with each other. This is possible with Office 365 for business and corporate environments. This way all the members of a team can remain in collaboration over the activities of the project so that better implementation is feasible.

Available Features of Security

Many Microsoft Gold Partners suggest businesses and companies select Office 365 for their business activities. One of the benefits of using this cloud-based platform is the provision of security for their data and operations present on the cloud. A variety of security features can be set up for the cloud system to make it as secure as the project demands for the company. Security measures like message encryption, Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA), Mobile device management and data loss protection are available on the cloud platform.

Quick Updates to the Latest Versions
To have the best features and security measures available on the cloud-based platform of Office 365 it is important to have the latest version. The very reason that the platform is on the cloud makes sure that the system is up to date at all times. This makes new features and capabilities available for the platform such that the users of the company can have the latest benefits of the platform to use.

Enjoy Scalability to Business Growth
Any business has the main aim of progressing and increasing its capabilities. Some of the leading Microsoft Gold Partners make suggestions to use the cloud-based platform of Office 365 for its scalability. The platform has the option to expand and scale to the growth rate of a business. The only thing that the business officials need to do is to add to remove licenses for different features that the platform offers.