Livestock Management Solution

Livestock management has been a cornerstone of civilization, yet the sector faces challenges due to a lack of structured management practices. Livestock Solution offers a comprehensive and integrated solution for managing livestock and dairy farms, leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics framework for real time integration. 

Livestock Management Solution

Our Livestock Solution offers a user-friendly and completely integrated solution for managing livestock and dairy farms. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Livestock Management Solution is customized for better farm efficiency and accessibility.

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Key Features of Livestock Management

  • Comprehensive Management: Manage livestock and dairy farms with complete forward and backward integration, ensuring a holistic approach to farm management. 
  • Realtime Data: Utilize real time data integration to gather and calculate key parameters such as Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Weekly Plan, Feed Plan, Growth, and Body Weight. 
  • Stock Consumption and Costing: Manage stock consumption and costing in real time, ensuring accurate financial management. 
  • Traceability: Maintain traceability of products, ensuring quality control and compliance with regulations. 
  • Centralized Visibility: Gain centralized visibility of the organization’s Management Information System (MIS) through analytical and graphical reports, empowering informed decision making. 

Why Livestock Solution Is Important

  • Business Continuity: Remove silos with integrated processes across departments, ensuring business continuity and efficiency. 
  • Focused Work: Stay focused and work productively with configurable role tailored centers that provide relevant information for each job role. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access the system through any mobile device, enabling work on the go and improving performance. 
  • Cloud Compatibility: Benefit from system scalability and agility while enjoying universal farm application. 
  • Advanced Security Measures: Benefit from security measures such as device binding, offline synchronization, audit trails, data encryption, regular backups, and ransomware protection. 
  • Common Platform Availability: Download the solution from the App Store (Android & Apple) for easy accessibility. 

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Key Modules of Livestock Management

  • Procurement: Manage procurement processes, including traceability to source, centralized procurement for multiple locations, and approval workflows. 
  • Operations: Streamline operations with herd management, consumable inventory management, running farm expenses, and realtime visibility of key business drivers. 
  • Farm Management: Maintain animal registers and health cards, manage inventory and costing for finished goods and consumable items, and control inventory across the supply chain. 
  • Collection Centre: Facilitate farmer registration, manage market prices, weighbridge information, centralized invoicing, inventory control, and quality control. 
  • Production: Control yield, estimate vs. actual retrieval, manage multistage inventory, record manual temperature, and cost production. 
  • Warehouse Management: Manage inbound and outbound orders, track items, shelf life, movement, replenishment, minmax stock levels, and inventory costing. 
  • Dairy & Distribution: Track stock returns, manage milk collection and distribution, calculate prices, manage byproduct inventory, track van sales, and maintain farmer history. 
  • Finance: Manage general ledger, fixed assets, accounts payable/receivable, cash management, statutory requirements, segmented accounts, fixed assets, cash flow, cost accounting, responsibility, security, workflow, and integration. 


Get the best Livestock Management Solution

Our Livestock Solution offers a complete solution for livestock and dairy farm management, enabling businesses to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and achieve business goals. 

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