Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Solution for Insurance Brokers

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The insurance sector is constantly changing due to new technology, data-driven processes, and primarily paper-based operations. The insurance sector has undergone a digital transition, which has brought new difficulties, some of which are beneficial.

CRM Solution for Insurance Brokers

An AI ERP is simple to obtain for large organizations, but it is pretty expensive for SMEs. SMEs frequently favor spreadsheets to manage their data-related tasks. Once more, using a spreadsheet exposes you to human error, inadequate consolidation, and non-compliance.

Additionally, low productivity and inefficiency are caused by the time-consuming process of finding information from paper files, discs, and emails.

We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions  Partner

World-Class Insurance Software Solution Development and CRM Service Providers

Insurance processing and tasks are complicated – uncomplicate them with a BEMEA-provided insurance management software solution. It helps in providing efficiency and lessens workload. Digitalize insurance work with a reliable software solution.

Having insurance in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally is essential for every person, which means there are more than many insurance agencies. This leads to the fact that insurance agencies have a lot on their plate which needs organizing and managing – companies should opt for insurance management software to offload work stress. We provide our services to the following types of insurance brokerages:

  • General insurance
  • Life and group insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Takaful insurance
  • Composite insurance
  • Third-party administrators

World-Class Insurance Software Solution


Insurance Software Solution

Key Features of Insurance Management Software

Manage your insurance agency operations online and offline with the following insurance management software features by BEMEA:

Online Support: Provide your customers 24*7 of support services by chat and SMS integration. Create customized FAQs for instant responses. Get all details of the customer to assist them through.

Payments: Manage and opt for the latest and most secure payment methods. Allow customers to select from multiple payment modes. Also, manage refunding policy.

Inventory Management: See the list of insurance products and the number of insurance products availed by the customers. See real-time reporting of insurance products.

Customer Details: Knowing your customer is very much important. Customize and add details of your customers. Keep customer accounts, details and records secure.

Submission and Claim Filing: You can also say file, customer accounts or records management. See customer history and payment details, provide accurate claims, and get submissions with care.

Online Built-in Tools: Do the math with precision and use AI tools to manage each and every aspect of insurance. See the list of practical algorithms that can be used for different insurance products.

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Microsoft Dynamics for Insurance Management

Why is Microsoft Dynamics for Insurance Management Software Necessary in Middle East & Globally?

BEMEA ensures to increase in the productivity of insurance agents and brokers in the Middle East & Globally for the following reasons:
Quick Assistance: In this industry, time is money, so all insurance agents and brokers need to respond to customers by providing them with information on time. Get access to customer details online and offline.

Good Investment: To boost insurance agents/brokers’ productivity and unlock their full potential, insurance software is a good and reliable investment. It provides brokers and agents with all sorts of benefits.

Data Security: Data is gold for insurance agencies, and to protect customers’ data, companies need to opt for a solution that prevents data threats beforehand. This is also why companies should also opt for BEMEA’s Insurance Management Software Solution.

Benefit from Omnichannel: To avail customer details offline and online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East & Globally, there is a need for a digitalized solution – BEMEA offers easy access to information and data at all times via web app and mobile app integration for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Enhance Customer Experience: Customer development is possible by providing instant information on all insurance products and assisting them around the clock. Implement a software solution that offers easy submission and claim to file with trendy and desired payment modes.

See Analytics and Reporting: Insurance agencies in Middle East & Globally require detailed and in-depth analysis and reporting to see how agents are doing and the company’s progress. Reporting allows managers and CEOs to monitor the progress and work of agents.

Increase Sales: Your agency can generate more leads and get actual clients with fully automated insurance management software. This is done by integrated and automated SMS, emailing, virtual call center, etc.

Agent Payroll Management: Manage agents’ pay, commissions, rewards, bonuses, TA/Da, and much more with BEMEA’s top-notch insurance management software.

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Transform and Digitalize Insurance Processing

Transform and Digitalize Insurance Processing with BEMEA

Our experts and consultants are rooted deep in the insurance industry and plan for future endeavors – Discuss your insurance policies with us and explore the world of achieving the impossible with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A Comprehensive Solution for All Insurance Taskings

BEMEA provides a fully integrated web application and management software solution for all types and sizes of insurance agencies with service and data-driven modules, which includes general ledger and automatic accounting, and much more for regulating Middle East & Globally insurance laws

Solution for All Insurance Taskings

Why Choose BEMEA for Insurance Management Software Solution

Regulation: Configured accounting and financial transactions with product workshop..

Reduce Time to Market: Decision development is possible by keeping a view of dynamic reports and increasing workflow.

Plug and Play: Get your insurance management software solution on the cloud.

Integration: Automate accounting, reinsurances, refunds, claims, record management and such.

Guarantee: Get multilevel support around the clock with timed maintenance, including implementation and training.

Scalability: Provides a scalable solution for all departments of the insurance agency.

User Experience: Provide friendly UI with quick response time.

Compatible and Adaptable: Flexible insurance management system that works with existing software.

Dynamics 365 Offers a Lot of Customization

The insurance sector does not produce any tangible goods. Instead, there is a lengthy documentation trail for brokers, resellers, and other B2B partners. The insurance sector heavily depends on data-related operations, including reporting, policy, client, claims, quotes, and reinsurances. Thus, having a reliable business repository is crucial.

Insurance brokers may manage the workflows, client connections, and business demands that are most crucial to their insurance agency by utilizing Dynamics 365’s robust platform. Dynamics 365 is a CRM with automated business processes and a single point of contact for all client interactions.

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Supported Regions

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah) GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) Yemen, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, Canada, and USA, with Global approach.

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