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Digitally Market Your Company with Click Dimensions Partners in Dubai, UAE & Worldwide. Identify Customers, Enhance Communicate, Convert Leads to Sales, Make Profits.

Click Dimensions by Microsoft Dynamics 365

We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions  Partner

ClickDimensions for Marketing Effectiveness

ClickDimensions is the leading marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally, natively built-in Dynamics for better segmentation, hyper-personalization, AI and marketing success. Watch a short video overview here:

Add effectiveness to your marketing with AI. Create customized marketing strategies with automation which are powered dynamically. Add features like surveys, social media tools, lead generation, email editors, and more to make a credible and valuable marketing campaign. Evaluate, monitor and do follow-ups for your campaigns with AI dashboards, analytics, data capture and intelligent tracking.

ClickDimensions for Marketing Effectiveness

Get Campaign Insights and Automation with ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is integrated with connecting Dynamics 365 products like Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics CRM. Benefit from the following:

Campaign Automation:

With ClickDimensions, you can automate different aspects of marketing campaigns like email by concerning customers’ behaviour and their segment. Send emails with embedded forms and surveys while keeping an eye on reporting and analytics. Notifications and alerts give heads up to the sales teams to communicate with the customer.

Insight and Lead Scoring:

After getting leads, nurture them and convert them into sales. Prioritize the most maturing leads to convert them into actual customers. ClickDimensions enables users to understand the company and its services or products. This helps you track customers’ behavior and see what interests them.

Free Integration:

With ClickDimension, you benefit from different Dynamic 365 products that are essential for any business model and without any cost. This aids our partners with easy implementation of the products and services.


Benefit from your ClickDimension partners by tracking your customer’s needs and directing them to specific services or products they want. This directly connects you with Dynamics 365 Sales, where you can have complete knowledge about the customer.

Automate Marketing via Dynamics 365

Comprehensive Data-Controlled and Automate Marketing via Dynamics 365

ClickDimension is the best solution for automating marketing using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM – you don’t need to spend a dime using any integrated app. Utilize data-controlled marketing to identify, communicate, convert and turn leads into customers.


ClickDimension – A Complete Marketing Package

ClickDimension is certified by Microsoft for email marketing and has MS D365 Sales and MS Dynamics CRM for free and can be used on the cloud and on-premise. ClickDimensions empowers sales teams and marketers to generate and keep an eye on maturing and near-to-closing leads, which allows them to prioritize customers accordingly. This leads other partners, client, and organizations to understand which of their product or service is more desired, and with this, they can make better business decisions.

BEMEA, a partner with ClickDimensions, provides top-notch implementations to every business model regarding their marketing needs. It is considered one of the best marketing platforms concerning automation and is easy to use.

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Fill the Gap Between Sales and Marketing by ClickDimension

Learn about clients’ needs, wants, desires, perspectives and interests with the help of emails, surveys, forms and other features while also benefitting from integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Solutions. Benefit from the following:

Campaign Automation: 

Build a multi-channel marketing campaign, specifically curated for the Middle East & Globally with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Create retention campaigns, customer onboarding, sales engagement, and various marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing:

With ClickDimensions, you will be able to send emails in bulk and see the reports of users clicking them, opening the email, bounce rate, and much more.

Event Management:

Benefit from integrated Cvent, Eventbrite, WebEx and GoToWebinar events and with linked MS D365; see the list of attendees and users’ registrations. An excellent way to create a prospective client database in Middle East & Globally.


Create different types of surveys with a few clicks. Surveys can be sent via emails, social media apps, accounts and contacts – once the surveys are completed, they will be linked with MS D365 Sales and Dynamics CRM for further nurturing. Every response is instantly saved in Dynamics 365’s account record.


With ClickDimensions, get reports of each and every aspect of your business – view emails, page views, website visits, and much more.

Lead Scoring: 

ClickDimensions enables you to see where the client is coming from and which content is liked the most – this allows you to enhance those parts of your website in order to get more leads.

Web Intelligence: 

This solution allows you to see where the user scrolled and where they stopped scrolling, it will also show the number of clicks on content, service or product, and it will give a better understanding of what makes a user click.

SMS / Test Message: 

This software solution enables you to bulk send SMS / text messages.

Landing Pages:

You can see the least visited landing pages and optimize them – you can also add surveys and other forms here to make the landing page more interactive.

Social Media Marketing: 

This marketing software solution allows you to manage different social media platforms with additional assistance from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Marketing Analytics:

Analyze and unify customer data, sales, and marketing with AI and a friendly UI reporting system.

Continuous Support and Training: 

BEMEA, a partner with ClickDimensions, provides 24*7 support and guarantees to come up with easy-to-implement solutions. Our priority is to train your employees about ClickDimensions.

Marketing Applications: 

A digitalized marketing app which drives engagement and growth with complete cost-effectiveness.

Prompt Marketing Services:

Get more clients in Dubai, Middle East & Globally by managing services and supporting customers around the clock.

Comprehensive Cloud Marketing Solution

ClickDimension is a unified analytics and marketing service platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and used by organizations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East & Globally.

ClickDimensions is made to assist Microsoft Dynamics 365 users in managing and doing more with their marketing activities. With this marketing solution, you get to use different tools like customer engagement tools, SMM tools, reporting, web forms, web intelligence and email marketing. Importing publicly available data from prospects’ FB pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube, Flickr etc., into ClickDimensions will provide a deeper understanding of the prospects.

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Web Forms with Microsoft Dynamics

Providing campaign tracking, email marketing,  landing pages, web intelligence, social discovery, lead scoring, web forms, surveys, nurture marketing, subscription management,  and many other things. ClickDimensions helps organisations to discover who will take an interest in the products, and show the required level of interest while taking the appropriate action.

You would also be able to manage events and do reporting and surveys without any hassle. While giving sales the opportunity to pick the best leads and opportunities, ClickDimensions Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Dynamics 365 helps marketers to produce and qualify very high-quality leads.

With us, you would be getting the best help and we would make sure that with this software you are able to run your organisation smoothly. We understand business needs like no other service provider. That is why we have so many data centres in the Gulf region and an excellent customer service record.

For more information, contact us at or call us at +971 4 421 4909. You can also connect with us on our LinkedIn page Business Experts Gulf LLC

Supported Regions

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah), GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) Yemen, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, Canada, and USA, with Global approach.