Retail Management

Retail companies are in the midst of profound change. Hence, they must effectively manage multiple factors to ensure sales performance, organizational efficiencies, and a connected retail experience

Our Retail Management service gives store owners the resources to manage operations on an enterprise level from the head office – including sales forecasting, replenishment planning, promotions, gift cards, loyalty schemes and more – and replicates information across the entire retail estate. In addition, it also collates transactions, such as sales, refunds, returns and store credits, to provide essential insights – particularly in two key areas:

Single Stock Pool:

  • One view of stock availability and location for reduced inventory costs and increased customer satisfaction
  • Recommendations based on core metrics
  • Statistical forecasting based on industry requirement.
  • Balanced price management and promotions engine

Connected Customer Experience

  • Loyalty programs that allow customer segmentation
  • Supports digital loyalty scheme passes across all channels
  • Assisted selling services in all channels – which can easily add 5% to sales values
  • Cross-channel visibility of all customer incentives to both staff and consumers

Once a carefully crafted strategy has been mutually determined, we’ll proceed to implementation. Furthermore, Business Experts Gulf can help you create a connected retail experience by delivering a vertical solution based on Dynamics 365, that covers you at every stage of your operation—from the front-end POS sales to accounting and inventory management. Moreover, with in-store digital signage, digital marketing, assisted selling, predictive analytics, next-generation retail management infrastructure, multi-channel service and fulfillment, and AI combined with your large data sets, it’s got it all.

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