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“We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Business Experts Gulf Team whether it is the Consultants, Sales or After Sales Support that has been given to us. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time & they truly stand by their motto in terms of creating enduring value for customers.”

Brett Anthony Bartlett – Commercial Manager

Al Tannan

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 is meant to make reporting and analysis easier, and this is exactly what the BEG worked on doing day in and day out. We had the platform needed to integrate all entities in the company and get access to robust features. From the initial stages until the ending stages, the BEG we’re responsive to any inquiries and problems that arose and would work around the clock to provide the best solutions to processes work in our way.
Kudos to the BEG Team and hats off to Johnny for leading such incredible Team.”

Hassan Tamimi – Executive Director

Delta Partners Group

“After unpleasant bumpy 5 years of using Oracle cloud ERP, we took a strategic decision to migrate our enterprise applications to different platform. We had multiple sessions with different vendors (MS, SAP, Sage, Etc.), and all present very powerful platforms but the focus was to engage with Professional consultancy which they truly understand the business and they offer a solution that meet our requirement, and not just a grate platform with poor implementation team. I have over than 20 years of experience in IT and systems implementation, and I believe choosing the right partner is the key in any successful system implementation. From the first meeting with Business Experts Gulf, I released we are talking to the right people who can drive a success story. During the 6 month of implementation and over 3 years of support, Business Experts Gulf continued offering great service and we built a very strong relation which has help us to run and automate our business processes smoothly.”

Ali Hamed – IT Director

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