eXperts Customer AI Solution

eXperts Customer AI Solution by Business Experts Gulf

Unlock profound insights into customer preferences and behaviors within Microsoft D365 – Azure with eXperts Customer AI.

eXperts Customer AI Solution

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eXperts Customer AI stands as a sophisticated enterprise customer analytics software meticulously crafted to furnish comprehensive insights into customer behaviors and preferences. The implementation of eXperts Customer AI promises companies an elevated comprehension of their customers, heightened operational efficiency, and judicious decision-making underpinned by thorough and continuous data analytics.


Key Advantages of eXperts Customer AI Implementation:

Data-Driven Customer Health: Leverage Customer AI’s data-driven scorecards, offering an extensive understanding of customer health for every segment by harnessing existing metrics.

Modern Technology for Continuous Insight: Harness cutting-edge technologies such as elastic compute, on-demand storage, and advanced machine learning to provide a unified and continuous view of customer analytics, thereby boosting productivity across business teams.

Key Features

  • Operational Driver Analytics
  • Generative AI Data Insights
  • Propensity to Renew Analytics
  • Net Recurring Revenue (NRR) Analytics
  • AI-Driven Core
  • Generative CX Analytics

eXperts Customer AI Solution Services

Supported Editions:

This application seamlessly integrates with the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure.

Supported Countries:

Primarily tailored for businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Experience the power of eXperts Customer AI – where advanced analytics meets operational excellence for a transformative customer engagement journey. Elevate your business strategy with our cutting-edge solution today!

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