7 Reasons to choose Dynamics 365 Commerce


Technology has changed the way business is conducted and how it used to be done even a decade ago. Like one would not go to 3 or 4 stores to buy different items but would go to a hypermarket now. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is soon becoming one such hypermarket which offers you the best tools. The facilities, benefits and the apps that one gets to enjoy with Dynamics 365 Commerce are innumerable and is a one-stop solution for any kind of business.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

What One Understands By Dynamics 365 Commerce?

The latest tool that Microsoft Dynamics has to offer would be Dynamics 365 commerce and how it is changing the way and paying new paths for businesses. It helps you to build your product or brand website, maintain all the physical alongside the online stores. It also helps you to interact and manage your customer interaction, offer personalized services to patron and others.

It also helps you to engage with your customer over all kinds of platforms and improve the various sources of your enterprise and make sure your business gets all-around holistic growth and succeeds with huge potential.

The platform has so much to offer as not only business, it has something for the other end of the spectrum too and makes sure operations are optimized and runs efficiently. This means that you could easily check out all the insights and make sure every part of your business is running smoothly. It helps you find a data-backed solution to any issue you might be facing. Here are some of the top reasons why you should be considering going for Dynamics 365 Commerce.

You Could Easily Build Your eCommerce Site
With built-in-web authoring, you could easily build your own website with Store Starter Kit. Whether you own a small, medium or a big one, any website could be catered to how you want to build it and what your requirements are. You first get a dummy site before finalizing. There are some modules to follow like the container, the product details page, marketing, purchase, recommendation and others.

Have Access To Comprehensive Insights To Stay Connected
This comes with so many tools, apps and AI-based application that helps you have a comprehensive knowledge on what is going on in your website and help you stay updated. You get important insights on various customer services and feedback which helps you manage your brand quality and store.

Helps By Improving Your Customer Experience
When it comes to customer interaction, behaviour, retention and feedback, you might want to stay on top of everything. This shows that you care and your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce helps you establish that. You, therefore, get to provide the right support to your customer.

You Have Quick And Hassle-Free Access To Data
It is a cloud-based application, and therefore you have unified access to data which is protected. It is centralized and only with a password, one could enter.

It Is Scalable And You Do Not Have To Worry About Hardware
You do not have t worry any kind of hardware or any physical space as it is clearly cloud-based. If you wish to add new software, one could do that too, upgrading it is simple.

It Is A Trusted Brand That Many Reputable Companies Use
Microsoft is one of the most reputable companies in any technology-based sector and companies which are already in Microsoft’s ecosystem could benefit from this. You profit greatly from this new tool.

It Is Highly Efficient For Any Company
It helps in tracking the resources and also helps you with each department and minimize any kind of delay. The scale of efficiency is high and you can organize your website any way you prefer.

Therefore, these are the top 7 reasons why one should be going for Dynamics 365 Commerce if one wants their company to reach new heights.

The 2019 editions of the Microsoft’s branded application servers – SharePoint server, Exchange server and the Skype for the Business server has been officially launched in the market. Being one of the most technically advanced servers in the market, there are various organizations that are willing to use them as their core server portals. The organizations are looking forward to run the recently released servers on the Windows server 2019. Along with the prospects of the update, Microsoft has also come up with some great innovation in the new servers.

The Main Features Of Exchange Server 2019

One can download the Exchange server 2019 from the Volume Licensing Service Center of Microsoft. The main aspects of this particular server which has been quite compelling in the industry are the routing support for International e-mails and the dynamic database. Moreover, the Exchange server 2019 also has the ability to make use of 256 GB RAM and 48 processor cores. The server also has the feature of supporting the solid drives which subsequently improves the e-mail search.

Highlighted Aspects Of The SharePoint Server 2019

As a popular application server in the market, the SharePoint server 2019 has been released by Microsoft with the various new and evolved features. Most of the organizations love the SharePoint partner due to its ability to effectively upload files of up to 15GB. People are also appreciating the server’s capability of incorporating an upgraded length of URL Path from the basic Unicode code of 260 units to a whopping 400 units. Another interesting feature is the use of # and % characters in various folder and file names across various libraries.

Positive Points Of The Skype For Business Server

The Skype for the business server is a server for unified communications which can be vividly used in the data centers of the organizations. This server specifically supports a cloud voicemail which comes out as a unique feature in the industry. There are prospects of a support for cloud call records which are used for tracking the call quality in various hybrid environments. The Skype for business server also incorporates a streamlined support for all the organizations that are moving towards the Microsoft teams.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting more assistance in procuring the newly released servers under the Microsoft platform, then contact us at Business Gulf Experts. Being a SharePoint partner company, we would provide you with all the required details regarding the downloading, installing and running procedures of the mentioned servers.

It is the general concept of people that the organisations which use data as the strategic advantage are performing much better as compared to those which do not. As such, more and more companies are using Business Intelligence in Dubai for shaping the strategies of their business, improving the services and products, processing efficiencies and driving costs. The use of BI in the businesses also helps entrepreneurs in eliminating the pain points which exist in their operations.

Deploying the BI tool in the day to day working of the company can be quite challenging. Thus, people must understand the concept well before using the mechanism so that they are successful in its application.

Business Intelligence UAE

Factors Affecting The Success Of Business Intelligence:

  • Every company has their own culture and ways of working. Your employees may be habituated in collecting information about the products, customers, and markets on their own and then analyse the data accordingly. When you consider the application of the BI software in your workings, it is important to train the staffs accordingly and upgrade their skills. You must ensure that every employee gets access to the data and understand its value. This can lead to the success of the BI tool.
  • Companies must choose to employ the technology which can be easily used and understood by the employees. So, along with quality data, culture, engaged stakeholders, and executive sponsorships, implementing the correct BI technology is a must.
  • The dependence of people on technology has made sharing of data digital these days even at the remote places. In this scenario, people are forgetting the need for analysis and data integration. For your BI program to be successful, you must understand that data is the vital asset of any business.
  • BI project requires the involvement of all the staffs starting from the sales representatives to the executive sponsors.
  • Proper analysis of the business outcomes with the application of the BI program determines its true success.

Business Intelligence Companies Help Clients In Meeting The Following Challenges:

  • Operational inefficiency
  • Enterprise risks
  • Drop in the performance of the business
  • Lack of accountability on the part of the team members

Reputed Business Intelligence Companies in UAE constantly review and refine the business processes so that you can engage more customers and market for new services and products.

For excellent software and BI support in Dubai, you can always trust Business Experts Gulf. We help companies to survive in the dynamic market by helping them to identify the opportunities before them.

In most of the organization, it has been observed that the marketing team and the sales team work independently without any kinds of alignment between them. Usually, the marketing team is more focused on generating potential leads in the market and forwarding the leads to the sales team. Now, whether the sales team is successful in converting the leads into potential buyers or not, is totally depended on the persecution of the sales team. The marketing team has nothing to do with it.

Due to this misalignment between these two vital sects of an organization, it has been noticed that there develops a number of challenges on the work front. Such concepts lead to a downfall in the shared understanding of the prospective buyers. Therefore, there are a few procured ways of creating an alignment between the two sects of an organisation, which would make sure that the sales revenue witnesses a sheer boost in the market.

Target The Appropriate Audience

In order to create a potential customer base, it is very important for both the marketing and sales team to work together and share the buyer understanding with each other. Both the teams have to use their intellectual knowledge and market research skills so that the target profiles are thoroughly refined based on the various interactions and observations.

Give Priority To The Leads Who Are Eager To Buy

Just to create a successful process of handoff between the sales and the marketing teams, make sure that you work on the relatively mature buyers who are ready for the buying process. Teamwork is the aim here.

Connect The Processes

When both the sales and marketing processes are merged with each other, there would be a prospect of higher marketing and sales feedbacks. If both the teams begin to work together, then there would be no issues in making a successful deal.

The Actionable Insights
Working together as a single team would provide them with the benefit of gaining some actionable insights into the market. Organizations can also make use of the Dynamics 365 in order to connect the sales team and the marketing team to collaborate with each other.

Keep A Thorough Check
Once the organization succeeds in making the alignment between the two sects, then there would be a requirement to use evolved insights to keep a check on each of the element on the go. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 would help the organizations to achieve a higher success rate in aligning both the marketing and sales approach.

Whenever it comes to the privacy and security of customer data, there is no doubt on the commitment of Microsoft. It works really hard in providing the best data protection platform in the market. Moreover, The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR which has been in action from May 25, 2018, has provided Microsoft with a golden chance to prove its ability and potential in the field of privacy rights and data protection. Therefore, nowadays the customers of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 are been given the assistance in the advent of meeting their specific GDPR requirements and all the necessary obligations.

Whenever you visit the main page of the Microsoft Dynamics software, you would find a number of resources which works for the efforts of enhancing your GDPR compliance.

Access The Resources
There are a few outlined series of white papers that provide the users with all the details of the GDPR and showcase a number of strategically approved approaches that might span out the entire portfolio of the Dynamics application. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are using the Office 365 on-premise or online, these specific resources would help you in accessing the insights and the processes in the data enhancement method and practices. The resources workout in order to highlight the distinctive ways provided by the Dynamics to support the elements of the GDPR.

The Basic Requisitions
Another tool named the Compliance manager would come up to help the organisation to navigate all the complicated protection and compliance issues such as GDPR. It accesses the current state of the compliance of the organization by identifying and subsequently offering distinct solutions to the issues and related risks faced by them. A number of diligent insights are delivered along with some recommended actions and a step-by-step detailed guidance plan to meet all the requirements of the GDPR.

Privacy And Security Commitment
With the advent of digital transformation in the industry, there has been an introduction of a number of evident opportunities for the organizations to flourish. Plus, there has been an ever-increasing ardent volume of a number of attack vectors. Therefore, the modern organizations have to work in such a way that they get to secure their data and strategically enhanced approaches from the procured changing threats.