Microsoft Azure in UAE: How to Get Started

Microsoft Azure in UAE

Microsoft Azure in UAE: Cloud computing has revolutionized the ways in which businesses function and made processes easier. In fact, more than 77% of all modern-day companies use some form or another on their IT infrastructure for a variety of purposes, from storing data to providing security solutions.
In addition, it’s become an integral part not only within large corporations but also in small ones!
As the cloud computing industry continues to grow, Microsoft Azure has managed to take over as one of its most popular platforms. Finally, here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure in a nutshell.

1. What is Microsoft Azure and What are its Features?

The Microsoft Azure platform is a cloud computing service that offers both public and private cloud services. So, this article will discuss how to get started with the Azure platform.
Microsoft Azure is designed for developers and businesses in UAE who want to move their business to the cloud. With features such as hybrid cloud capabilities and built-in security, Azure provides a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

2. How Businesses in UAE Can Get Started with Azure?

Businesses can use Azure in UAE in several ways:
1. By signing up for a free trial of Azure
2. By using the Pay-As-You-Go model
3. By purchasing an Azure subscription
4. By using the Azure Marketplace
5. By using an Azure partner

Signing Up for a Free Trial of Azure:

The first way to get started with Azure is to sign up for a free trial. This trial gives businesses access to all the features of Azure, including the ability to create VMs, web apps, and databases. Additionally, businesses can use this trial to explore the features of Azure and determine if it is the right fit for their needs.

Using the Pay-As-You-Go Model:

The second way to get started with Azure is to use the pay-as-you-go model. With this model, businesses only pay for the resources they use. So, this is a good option for businesses that are unsure of the number of resources they will need or those that only need Azure for a short period of time.

Purchasing an Azure Subscription:

A third way to start using Azure is through the purchase of an Azure subscription. With this option, businesses receive a set amount of resources each month. This is a good option for businesses that are ready to commit to using Azure on a long-term basis.

Using the Azure Marketplace:

A fourth way to start using Azure is through the Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace is an online store that offers a variety of services and applications that can be deployed on Azure. Therefore, Azure is a good option for businesses that want to deploy specific applications or services.

Using an Azure Partner:

Lastly, you can use an Azure partner. Azure partners are companies that are certified and trained to use Azure. So, these partners can help businesses with everything from deployment to support.

Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks, so businesses should carefully consider which method is best for them. No matter which method businesses choose, Azure provides a comprehensive solution that can help them move their business to the cloud.

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3. The Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure in UAE
Businessman using mobile smartphone and icon network connection data with growth graph customer, digital marketing, banking, and payment online, analysis and planning of the business.

There are several advantages to adopting Microsoft Azure for any size of business, including:

  • The first one is, that with features such as hybrid cloud capabilities and built-in security, Azure provides a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • With Business Expert Gulf’s consultancy services, UAE businesses will be able to explore Azure’s features and decide if it is the right fit for their needs.
  • Azure provides a comprehensive solution that can help them move their business to the cloud.
  • Businesses only pay for their resources to save money on cloud computing costs with Azure.
  • Microsoft Azure has been accessible in the UAE with its Gold Partner Business Experts Gulf. Moreover, BEG is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms in the UAE.
  • Azure is a Microsoft product, so businesses can be confident that it will receive continued support from the company.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes, and it can help them move their business to the cloud. Whether you’re looking for on-demand access or want to save money on your computing costs. So in this regard, Microsoft Azure has something that will work for you. So please let us know how we can help! We are experts in this field who can provide you with the best resources and advice.
For more information, contact us at or call us at 00971 4 421 4909. You can also connect with us on our LinkedIn page Business Experts Gulf.

Today’s Information Technology leaders are focused on moving existing workloads to the cloud.

Not every customer can take advantage of this, though. Decision makers who are properly equipped with the necessary information not only operate and maintain a company’s resource but also advocate for necessary changes and upgrades to organizational infrastructure.

Citing to this reason organizations are adopting cloud hosting IT infrastructure at multiple locations, including public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises. Quite often the issue of data security and privacy makes organizations hesitant to build new workloads on the cloud and integrate those with existing workloads.

Microsoft hybrid cloud solution now with Azure Stack

But what if the company wants to use public cloud resources in the private environment? The answer to this is a hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is a combination of on-premises and local cloud resources. It is integration with one or more dedicated cloud/sand one or more public cloud/s.

A hybrid cloud model mixes and matches hardware, private cloud platforms and public cloud services to meet users’ unique requirements. The hybrid cloud offer resources for start-up businesses, small to medium-sized businesses, and larger enterprises to increase their operational efficiency, productivity and agility.

And now with Microsoft Azure Stack, you get to unlock innovation with hybrid cloud applications. Microsoft Azure Stack allows you to build and deploy hybrid applications anywhere. Cool right!

Not only Azure Stack provides operations to compute, storage, networking, and security services, as well as platform services, such as App Service and Functions, but also Azure services take dependencies on other services as they layer on top of each other. It runs services consistently across your environment to meet your business and technical requirements. Also, Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivery goes far beyond traditional virtualization.

Azure platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities brings hybrid deployment choice and portability to cloud applications. You pay only for resources you temporarily use. There is no need to purchase, program and maintain additional resources and equipment which could remain idle over long periods of time.


Hybrid cloud computing is a “best of all possible worlds” platform giving all the benefits of cloud computing i.e., flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies with the lowest possible risk of data exposure. And with Microsoft Azure Stack you get hybrid cloud frameworks, such as Cloud Foundry, Project New Hybrid Stack, and OpenStack.

So if you are looking for strengthening your business with hybrid cloud- Microsoft Azure Stack is for you!

On-premise data storage was the only option before the introduction of cloud for most of the businesses. But now technology is boosting, and every organization wants to adapt “on-cloud” storage for their data.

So what should you choose- Azure or On-Premise?

Although On-premise solutions have their uses. It lets companies to retain complete control on the functionality and secure onsite application monitoring.

However, there are few drawbacks, that needs to be considered in On-premise:

  • Lack of Scalability: Frequent updates usually requires modifications in hardware and software. It is a slow and time taking process.
  • Security risk: Physical servers you take on ‘real-world’ risks including damage, destruction, natural disasters, fire, water damage or simply hardware ‘wear and tear’.
  • Expensive: On-premise systems have a large installation cost. Not only that, they also require separate infrastructure for backup and disaster recovery, which is again time and money consuming.
  • Staff requirement: An on-premise storage requires local server and their Local Area Network with IT administrator to manage it.

Now when we talk about cloud, Microsoft Azure has the option to go full cloud or have a hybrid cloud setup, with a gradual transition from on-premise to cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

  • Faster than On-premise solutions: With Azure, you can use the service of Azure Auto Scale, this allows to scale up and down automatically based on metrics.
  • Azure VM for productive and agile: This service OF Azure Virtual Machine lets you create your own customized virtual machine within minutes. Also, the ability to switch between Linux and Windows on the same machine brings more flexibility to the team.
  • Cheaper than On-Premises: Azure offers flexible expenditure- You pay according to your need a usage, you save on energy, space and cooling costs.
  • Security: Services like Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management service. This service keeps the business secure and only relevant user have the access to the most sensitive information.

So, would you choose Azure or On-Premise?

This is a big decision for businesses and can’t be taken lightly. Every business has different needs, you may also think that your current On-premise solution is working fine for you, so what is the need for the change?
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