Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

What you should know: New Licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from October 2019

From October 1st,2019, Microsoft’s license pricing model for Dynamics 365 has changed. Initially, the customers had the option of purchasing licenses for the Unified Operations Plan and licenses for the Customer Engagement Plan. These plans where associated with Business Applications at a standard price per user. But after the new pricing release, the Unified Operations Plan and Dynamics 365 Plan will not be offered in the above-mentioned form.

So, why is there a change in the Microsoft Dynamics licensing model?

Microsoft is always in support of innovation in technology and always heads in developing Dynamics 365 offering. For instance, the innovation and research in Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence (Customer Insights, Sales Insights) let the customer make and customize the licensing (mix and match). D365 licensing has always helped in customization.

This mix and match of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications let you choose the relevant application with the appropriate pricing for your business.

The New Licensing Model

365 Licensing

The new D365 licensing model requires customers to have a basic license. This basic license pertains to the department in which the employee works mainly e.g. Microsoft Dynamics for Finance for a Finance employee. This basic license is purchased at a standard price. There are instances where the same employee also works or as some functional work in another business area in the organization. In such cases the employee as to “Attach” a new license that can be purchased at a fraction of the standard price. This model is also termed as the “A La Carte Model”.

This new change in the licensing price model will enable you as a customer to take licenses for the individual tasks for an employee in your organization. The core area of functionality of SalesField ServiceCustomer Service, Supply Chain Management, Project Service AutomationRetailFinance and Talent remains the same.

What does the new D365 licensing model mean for you as an existing customer?

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There is no change to the existing Dynamics 365 customer agreement. The purchase of the application remains the same for 12 months followed by the roll-out of the new license model on renewal. On renewal, a basic license along with one or more attach licenses must be purchased as per the organization requirement. This d365 licensing renewal process will provide you with an opportunity to analyze and reevaluate the overall application requirement and optimize them accordingly.

Business Experts Gulf will guide you with the changes

Initially, the new license pricing plan model will make you feel its complex. However, we at Business Experts Gulf believe that the new offers in the Dynamics 365 applications are made in a well-thought-out way and it offers your business applications based on your needs and usage.

We assure you to provide you with the best options based on your organization’s microsoft dynamics 365 licensing plan in parallel with the different functions for your company and your employees.

Guide to Dynamics 365 Licensing

Dynamics 365 is the next-gen application used in intelligent business operations. This modern application unifies ERP and CRM and helps businesses in better carrying out their daily operations. With Business Experts Gulf, companies can get quick licenses of D365 in UAE. Our experts guide you through the complex process of Microsoft dynamics licensing most effectively.

Change in the Licensing Model of Microsoft Dynamics:

Microsoft is always heading towards bringing innovation in their technology. The innovation brought about in artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. help users in customising their licensing process.

The customisation process enables users to choose the applications of dynamics 365 according to the pricing of their businesses. As per the new model of licensing of d365, customers require having the basic license. You can get the licenses from us at the standard rates that prevail in the market.

Is The New Model Of Licensing Going To Affect The Existing Customers?

Customers, who are already enrolled in dynamics 365 business central licensing, are not getting affected by the changes made in the new model of licenses. The users who apply for the renewal of their licenses get automatically rolled into the new process of licensing for d365. This renewal process helps you in analysing the entire application and it gets optimised as per the new technologies incorporated in the system.

In case you are getting perplexed about the whole system of licensing in UAE, our professionals are there to guide you throughout. Discuss the plans and pricing of dynamics licenses with our experts and you can get business applications as per your requirements and usage.