Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

We are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Partner

What you should know: New Licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from October 2019

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From October 1st,2019, Microsoft’s license pricing model for Dynamics 365 has changed. Initially, the customers had the option of purchasing licenses for the Unified Operations Plan and licenses for the Customer Engagement Plan.

Each user should be aware of the Business Central licensing policy and the features they can avail of when purchasing a new or upgrading an existing one. Try to understand the changes in detail and how effective it would be for your business model before opting for its renewal.

However, a trusted service provider in the Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally can guide you on the right track and invest in the best service package available. Users with base licenses can attach additional licenses to work with for business works. Whether retail, marketing, supply chain management, or finance management, licensing can help the business effectively.

So, why is there a change in the Microsoft Dynamics licensing model?

MS Dynamics 365 Business Solutions provides a wide range of business transformation which includes field services, sales customer service, ERP, CRM and much more.

Industries and companies need end-to-end automation services in order to make sure that there are no delays in the daily tasks. Our Dynamics Business Central solutions will prove to be the most diverse when it comes to multitasking and monitoring. We have a maestro of industry-specific solutions from our expert licensing partners in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally. At BEMEA, it is nothing but easy to understand the solutions and make things work at the earliest for the hassle-free running of a business in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally.

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The New Licensing Model

The new D365 licensing model requires customers to have a basic license. This basic license pertains to the department in which the employee works, mainly e.g., Microsoft Dynamics AI for Finance for a Finance employee. This basic license is purchased at a standard price. Get details of the licensing model from the reliable Business Central service providers in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally.

New Licensing Model

The licensing is for an assigned user, as unassigned licenses don’t allow access to all its features. Even clients are offered discounts when buying or renewing the licenses of Microsoft Business Central from an authentic partner in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Globally.

There are instances where the same employee also works or as some functional work in another business area in the organisation. In such cases, the employee as to “Attach” a new license that can be purchased at a fraction of the standard price in Middle East. This model is also termed as the “A La Carte Model”.

This new change in the licensing price model will enable you as a customer to take licenses for individual tasks for an employee in your organisation in the Middle East. It should help capture adequate new opportunities for the business tomorrow. The core area of functionality of SalesField ServiceCustomer ServiceSupply Chain ManagementProject Service AutomationRetailFinance and Talent remains the same.

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