Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

What Is Dynamics 365 For Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: Is your team talking to the right contact, approaching the right leads and dedicated on opportunities that genuinely benefit your business? Empower your team to build a pipeline that’s rich and automate the sales process so that you can track leads from one stage of the sales process to the next.

With user friendly dashboards, your sales team are able to set realistic goals and use insights to help your business close more deals, faster.

Benefits Of Dynamics 365 For Sales

  • Import Data Easily: It is the most frustrating task when you try to import all your current data into a new system. Clients don’t have the time to wait while you are transferring your data into a new system. The minute you relax up on your leads is the minute your competition decides to approach them. With Dynamics 365 for sales, you don’t have to worry about how long the import will take or whether the data will be properly organized.

Instead, you can organize external data as a single import, or, you can transfer information in batches as you need it. Dynamics 365 even has an always-on connection to Excel. You can save time and keep your clients satisfied with their requirements as everything you need is in a single, user-friendly portal.

  • Easy Integration: Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft product, it can be easily integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, as well as on SharePoint.Sending quotes, RFPs and emails are quick and easy. Easy to add Office templates for use in relevant scenarios.

You can customize your template based on segmentation, and then you might have a new custom template. The customization is truly endless. It’s not over yet Dynamics 365 for Sales can track every Microsoft Outlook emails.

Has it been built for Microsoft Outlook, you get a fully complete communication history that you can scan at your convenience. It’s for every prospect, contact, and account. No further sorting through your email inbox to determine the last point of communication.

  • Stage By Stage Tracking: Every competent lead goes through the sales pipeline and progresses through erratic stages. As an effect, you would have a different conversation with a cold lead than you would with a warm lead.

The sales team understands that you must tailor your discussions to the appropriate stage in the sales funnel. The good news is Dynamics 365 for Sales tracks every opportunity through your defined milestones.

You can set up rules at every stage. Opportunities cannot move to the next level until they have met all the requirements in the existing stage. Think of how much time this saves with less confusion and backtracking leads.

  • Effective Selling With Live Dashboard: The various stages of sales from closing a sale, renewing a contract or replacing a product, you need to be appropriate and on-time. Dynamics 365 produces graphical sales dashboards in real time along with KPI in the form of charts, statistics and many more options.

These types of data points can help you better understand your clients’ needs and can even anticipate potential problems. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and constancy.

How Business Experts Gulf helps you?

We analyze and provide a review of your business and operations. Our Microsoft dynamics 365 sales consultant will have a discussion about your requirements and issues faced. In coordination with your team and our Microsoft 365 sales consultant, we will formulate a plan, pricing, work on the implementation and install whatever solution best fits for your business.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales is an application software that enables the sales team to understand its customer better. It is an automated sales generation process that can help you in generation of leads and also tracking them in an effective manner. Its features help in the development of the company at a faster pace.

Automated And Digital Intelligence

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales uses automated process and digital intelligence to enable the team to take the lead in the process. The automated lead scoring and predictive analytics help in increasing the workflow and improves the business.

Offer Customer Profile

The application helps the team in getting the complete profile of the customers such as company information, contact details, business potential, etc. It also helps in getting an insight of the customers requirement. The available information of the customers enables to sales team to plan their strategy better and understand their customers.

Interact With The Customers

To have a good relationship with the customers, it is necessary that the team keeps in touch with the customers. Through this application the team can get feedback from the customers and deliver the services and products on time.

There are many more such features that make the Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales a very good application. To know the pricing and other details of the application in Dubai, UAE, our team of professionals are there to help you.

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