Steps To Choose the Ideal Cloud Service Provider

While people look for cloud service providers, there are different attributes which they want the track of. Essentially, the companies need to be sure that the service provider that they choose must be able to meet the needs of the business in a consistent and reliable manner. A reputed cloud service provider always aims at making the process quite painless for the company from the beginning to the finish. Thus, it is quite crucial to get the right cloud solutions for the success of any business.

Useful Steps To Choose The Right Cloud Services

Mention The Service Requirements: It is always best to prepare a list of must-have services that you want to receive from your cloud service provider. This helps in better comparison of the options available to you. You may be looking for services ranging from data processing, hosting data, computer support by the data centres, virtual servers, etc. So, it is essential to determine the kind of cloud computing you want. On this basis, you can approach multiple vendors.

Reviewing The Hardware Capability Of The Cloud Provider: The needs of every company differ from one another. Depending on the services you choose to receive from your service provider, you have to determine the hardware capability level that you require. Look for service providers who offer clients with round the clock data monitoring, reliable recovery systems, and network infrastructure in-region. Mention your internal operations in detail to the vendor so that they can customize the cloud solutions accordingly.

Software Support Evaluation: Along with hardware capability, software support also needs to be checked properly. Look for the support of services like CRM, Microsoft, and ERPs.

Scrutiny Of Security: Checking the security of the protocols is quite vital while you use cloud services. A dedicated team of professionals offering cloud services always aim at offering excellent security to the companies so that their valuable data never get encrypted. They can protect the customers from malicious attacks, user errors, and hardware failures.

Paperwork: Get your agreement paper ready consisting of the several services that the provider promises you to offer. This makes sure that you are paying for the correct package.

A Cloud Service Provider Is Always Accountable To The Customers:

The service providers of cloud networks must always produce performance reports to the clients along with logging information to ensure that the objectives of the company are getting served properly.

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Right now we are all living through unprecedented times. COVID-19 has disrupted our personal and work life in ways that we didn’t think was possible. So, are we all ready to change the way we live, work, interact and operate or will we stick with what we know and be stubborn and see where we end up?

In the age of disruption, businesses live and die by their ability to adapt. Over the years we have seen many examples of organizations (Nokia, Blackberry, KODAK) who refused to change and adapt and continued doing what they always have been doing and look where they are now!


“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

The cloud has become integral to modernizing the IT environment and enabling the digital transformation of companies large and small. Cloud-based computing and storage platforms offer manifold advantages over conventional on-premise systems, from lower operating costs to better compatibility with the working styles of digital enterprises.

Cloud services are taking the business world by storm and cloud adoption statistics tell the same story:

  • IDC estimates that the MENA region is worth US$2.2 billion to cloud vendors, a figure expected to increase 24% yearly on average to reach approximately US$5 billion by 2022.
  • UAE cloud services market is forecasted to be $290 million (Dh1.06 billion) in 2020.
  • 50% of enterprises spend more than $1.2 million on cloud services annually.
  • 94% of SMBs appreciate the upgrade insecurity that comes from adopting the cloud.

Even with all the stats and research pointing towards the fact that cloud adaption and digital transformation is the way forward many leaders are still not prepared to stand up and take the responsibility and make the right decision and transform the way they work.

“Slowness to change usually means fear of the new.” – Philip Crosby

Now this change is upon us. People who will adapt will ride this wave and come out stronger and those who don’t, will be left behind in regret.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” – Peter Drucker

Organizations need to look into their operations, review the evolving needs of their customers, and see how to apply digital technologies to improve the business operations and offerings.

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If we come from the IT domain, most of us would understand the benefits and convenience of being on the cloud and having cloud solutions. To bring a few assets of cloud-based technologies to the table, we can talk about the anytime- anywhere access, anytime- anywhere enhanced collaboration. The varied cloud savings to mention could start from infra space rental, consultancy fees to lower energy usage. A lot of IT expenses could be saved in real-time. Let’s explore more on the savings.

Savings From The Cloud


The big saving on the cloud is the Hardware costs. On-Premises solution’s biggest drawback is the heavy maintenance on servers and other in-house equipment. The scenario on the cloud is just the opposite with limited hardware. The maximum investment would be on the personal machines for the employees (laptops and desktops). Also, you can save on energy costs and spacing costs on leasing.

The cloud solution minimizes the leasing, hardware, and energy costs which in return is a saving for the companies to invest in other up-gradation of company benefits.

Upfront Investment

On-premises solutions’ biggest downside is the upfront costs involved. Tens of thousands of capital investment come as a big question for many companies and SMBs. But with cloud technologies, the upfront cost is reduced drastically. The investment involved is the licensing fees, software usage fee. Also, Cloud solutions now come with a subscription-based, Pay-as-you-go structure. The investment is based on per-user usage, which helps you from over-spending. Scaling-up and down as per the need and case basis also lets you estimate and control over-spending.


Another major cost that could be saved because of the cloud is the IT- labor cost. Although your IT team would be sad to hear it, being on the cloud reduces labor to be on call 24*7. Being On-Premises means constant maintenance of the server, changes, repair of hardware, and upgrades. These all involve monetary involvement. By moving to the cloud, your IT team can focus on the transition journey and will be able to focus on the latest technological advancement for the business.

Does another question arise of what if we never had an in-house IT Team? Well, in that case, you would be saving more on an expensive third-party vendor who would have additional charges for their services.

Moving to the cloud has become a mandatory norm for businesses. But this mandatory should be more of a happy acceptance. Not only does moving to the cloud makes life and process simpler for you but it saves a ton from leasing to energy cost. What is your experience of moving to the cloud? How was the overall journey of moving to the cloud? What savings from the cloud have you made? Do let us know.

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In innovation and business media, cloud computing has gained massive popularity. This is nothing unexpected as the cloud segment has been simply developing speedily throughout the last few years. Cloud storage and cloud computing have made crucial exposure around the globe.

Each and every organization out there requires cloud services in the two structures for keeping up their everyday business activities.Business enterprises comprehend the most crucial benefits of cloud innovation, and in any case, many are confused about its utilization. In recent times, there are plenty of people out there who always opt for the best cloud computing trends.
Cloud computing service
Server-less Computing
When it comes to choosing the best cloud computing service, you will have to ensure that you opt for the right one. As a Part of Cloud computing advancement, server-less computing has seen an ascent in popularity. This kind of cloud computing, with an alert, is an extensive improvement. Not each and every individual out there is prepared for it.

The paradigm of advancing and making conventional innovation needs to go server-less. This helps in re-distributing the entire foundation. These kinds of programs are entirely flexible and enable organizations to have more command over their expenses in cloud hosting.

In the year 2019, this completely got dull to state the business organizations are going into a multi-cloud world as enterprises routinely started deploying workloads at hand over various Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers. In any certain case, as applications become increasingly portable, compute cycles simpler to obtain in real-time.
This particular trend has become immensely famous, and this is why; one needs to know about the right one as well. Not every individual out there has knowledge about cloud computing. This is why; they should opt for the experts and professionals. They will help people to get the details easily.

Quantum Computing
There is no certain doubt that in the coming years of cloud computing service, there will be a drastic change in the business. It is only conceivable on account of hardware advancement through quantum computing.

As innovation progresses, so does the requirement for building the effectiveness and computational capacity to fulfil future requirements. Quantum computing can easily empower the computers and servers for processing the data at a quick pace contrasted with current benchmarks.

Companies select the Kubernetes platform to easily gather their exceptional operational requirements and abilities. It could be the separate prescriptive solution along with the Red Hat OpenShift model.

Kubernetes not just brings the destroying ball to cloud hindrances, but at the same time, this is making an unusual market dynamic.

Digital Natives
This is one of the most excellent and crucial trends of cloud computing that people should know. These digital natives produce various kinds of thoughts from different mentalities, talk and think in an unexpected way, and use devices like WhatsApp or Twitter instead of the standard communication tools.

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With time as technology is moving forward and bringing about changes in every sector imaginable to human life, businesses are transforming ways to how they approach not just their insides but their customers, offering exceptional potential. Consumers slowly and steadily are demanding for more and more omnichannel capabilities and a unified experience. This not only saves time but is the most efficient way to work through business or enterprise. Cloud services Dubai is one such way on how this could be achieved.

Cloud offers deep impacts on every level by providing actionable insights. Cloud has helped companies to collaborate, and understand how to use data in a wider stance, has helped in increasing productivity. And, not to mention sales as most companies have seen a 70% increase in that department because Cloud is knowledge and knowledge truly provides power.
Cloud Services

Not The Old Cloud But What Microsoft Dynamics Has To Offer

The fact that moving to the Cloud will help in optimizing your business but not just moving to any old cloud. While with some old ones, setting up business applications could be quite an easy one, in the long run, it is not so much fruitful. This might result in the same disjointed results that one was facing without going for Cloud previously.

Make Sure You Put Emphasize On Creating Better Employee Experience
When it comes to putting a step forward towards better customer satisfaction, it is not just consumers who want more but attention should be given to your employees as well. Most companies use custom applications that have been integrated with the business operations of every day. It also offers you a great return on your investment. Therefore, employee satisfaction is a strategic point to be taken care of.

With frictionless work speed alongside modernizing the way it is approached is not the only way to gain points from employees or appease them. When employees are not satisfied with the way the business technology works, one could opt for non-compliant ways which could provide challenges including cyberattacks.

Another catalyst that has helped in the growth of employee satisfaction would be workforce behaviour. The new generation asks for mobility alongside flexibility that spans not just within the four walls but along the road and home as well.

AI is very helpful in this case where employees deal with large amounts of data. Cloud services Dubai can help in illuminating the insights and when employees are contented, work would immediately flow and help serve customers in a more refined and accurate way.

Cloud Helps In Optimizing And Offering Personalized Experiences
With smart cloud solutions, one could increase in the rate of customer engagement and data could be transformed to serve customers and increase the quality of sales experience. Customers now have the access to educate themselves on a certain product before engaging with the business. And also, they could expect interactions on various platforms, whenever and however they wish.

Optimizing The Way You Run Your Operations
With flexible technology and intelligent processes, efficiency could be taken up a notch which would serve as the backbone for any business to succeed. Outdated Cloud could limit the way business activities are conducted by not addressing the key challenges that today’s digital world is facing.

Cloud Offers New Ways To Earn Revenues
With intelligent technology, you would be able to take your business far and reign the market of today. It helps you anticipate and deliver what the market needs with new offerings and also mark your place.

Therefore, with Cloud, engaging and optimizing for any kind of business whether small, medium or big is simple now and could be done in a hassle-free manner. Usher what the future Cloud technology holds for your business.