Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence)

A Cloud-Based Analytical Platform that Provides Enterprises with a Unified View of Necessary Actionable Data. Power BI – An Analytical Solution for Any Organization.

A thorough understanding of Power BI AI can help deploy business intelligence services effectively. This also helps deploy Microsoft Power BI solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East & Globally. The experienced BI services in the Globally can help companies discover valuable trends or data patterns. This makes the business operations effective, allowing accurate decisions that align with business aims, strategies and goals.

Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions  Partner

Business Intelligence with Data Analytics

At BEMEA, we understand organizations’ data is essential and accessing that data from anywhere and at any time can drive business and attract success. We have developed an analytical and business intelligence system based on in-depth multiple industry experience. Increase your ROI charts by linking data with CRM and ERP systems.

– Pin the latest KPIs and visualizations to track performance.

– Dig into data and reports to see newer and more valuable data.

– Monitor data in real time while streamlining and aligning data.

– View live and interactive dashboards.

Business Intelligence with Data Analytics

Explore the Power of Business Intellegence

Power Platform by Microsoft Power BI

Power Platform by Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is powered by Microsoft and is a cloud-based solution for non-tech users to analyze, visualize and share data in and out of the organization. This business solution allows enterprises to manage and organize data in real time. Business users can see reports, dashboards and charts. This results in better collaborations with business partners and clients. This also enables the organization’s authorities to become better at decision-making. Monitor performance and forecast the upcoming for your industry – keeping up with trends, planning according to market situations and meeting business requirements.

  • Build and share user-friendly data visuals with worldwide data centres and government hubs to keep up with local regulations.
  • Navigate between databases and datasets to make more informational reports.
  • Use integrated Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Solutions to import data to sheets and connect them with live dashboards – see a graphical representation of how your business is progressing.
  • Build a data-controlled environment via business intelligence services – empower all company folks to see data and make informed decisions.
  • Promote self-service at every stage and level of organization.

Critical Capabilities of Microsoft Power BI

Critical Capabilities of Microsoft Power BI

MS Power BI is an intelligent business platform that entails power tools used by companies in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.. Understand data better than before.

  • Unify Analytics and Self-Service: Self-service is your way to data and analytics in a single platform. Get access to reports, connectivity framework, app lifecycle management and semantic models.
  • Power BI Desktop: An intelligent platform that allows you to make reports with data without having tech knowledge.
  • Centralized View: Get a unified view of data and every business aspect to organize data for better understanding.
  • AI Reports and Analytics: Forecast market trends, see customer patterns and discover more data to create a robust visual framework.
  • Connect Data: Gain access to data via cloud-based resources like SharePoint, Excel, Azure SQL DB and Dynamics 365.
  • Integrated and Functional Excel: Connect Power BI dashboards, reports, data models and queries easily with Excel. Create, share, publish and analyze data with Excel integration.
  • Get Answers to Every Industry with AI: Empower beginner data scientists to sort data, create machine learning models, and get insights from scattered and sorted data, including images and texts.
  • Turn Data into Actionable Results: Get data and insights into actions via MS Power Platform, Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI to enhance workflow.
  • Access Analytics in Real-Time: Know what is happening inside and outside the organization. See market trends, customer insights, and much more with self-service analytics.

Explore the Power of Business Intellegence

Scattered Data into Actionable Insights

Turn Scattered Data into Actionable Insights

With the help of eye-catching reports and user-friendly dashboards, enterprises in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally can connect decision-making and data. With suitable Power BI solutions, organisations of any type and size operating in the Middle East can see critical insights and discover valuable data from existing data sets. Allow BEMEA to ensure planned implementation, suggest business intelligence solutions, secure data and promote consistency. This is where the top companies can understand the utility of Microsoft Power BI technology.

Microsoft Power BI Services

Dubai has become the world’s business hub, and to be on top of the competition, one needs to promote an advanced working environment and AI analytical tools. This helps businesses in the Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally improve performance and make data-driven business decisions. With Microsoft Power BI, empower your business to respond faster with the help of visual representation of business data. This helps to accelerate business growth. It combines the latest technology, applications and tools that turn data into actionable insights.

  • Connect with multiple data sources to discover newer data to create and customize interactive visuals.
  • See customer behaviour and compare competitor’s data.
  • Empower teams to engage with customers more and get a competitive edge.
  • Identify trends and spot actions that drive success.
  • Optimize operational efficiency to see better business processing.
  • Publish or share dashboards and reports to connect with teams and the whole organization.
  • It offers scalable and flexible tools to build reports and access these reports at any time.
  • Get a personalized and unified view of analytics, reports, dashboards, databases and datasets to make business decisions.
  • Benefit from excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data and on-premise databases.
  • Get access to any device, including desktop, mobile or any smart device.

Microsoft Power BI Services


Microsoft Power BI Services

  • Be it Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally, the top companies are investing in digital computing technologies in the form of analytics and visualization. It helps identify and analyze business data to generate a comprehensive view and derive actional insights into business operations.

If the companies wish to get real-time and historical business functions’ predictions, the Power BI AI should impact the decision-making procedure. It can also save time and effort and instead time into the core business functions.

Therefore, business intelligence helps understand the datasets that align with business goals, initiatives and strategies. It also helps identify the current business trends for significant improvement in key business areas. If you wish to uncover the potential of BI for your business, hire BI solutions in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Globally.

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