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Third Party ERP & CRM Solutions

Get Your Business Integrated for More Approach and Access…

Third Party Solutions

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What are Third Party Solutions?

Third party integrated solutions provide relief to all kinds of businesses as they provide more business services. It enable your business to become more manageable and will be able to engage with more clients.

BEMEA is going hand to hand with new technology that is used in UAE and all over the Middle East and that is why we understand how and why your business needs a  solution. These solutions are integrated with your ERP software that will allow your business to provide online services.

What are Third Party Solutions?


Warehouse Management


Retail Management


Insurance Management


HR Manangement


Camp Management




Pagero E-Invoicing

Why choose Bemea for Third Party Solutions


With BEMEA, we integrate your business to the extend that it becomes self-assisted which allows you to be more productive and makes your ERP software systems more efficient. Below are more reasons for you to opt for Third Party Integrated Solutions:

  1. Our customized third-party applications and software systems allows you to share data and business information across different departments and shows useful reports.
  2. Third-party integrated solutions allow you to get response from your clients faster and enables you to reply with same velocity. It eliminates human error since customized automation takes control.
  3. These intelligent solutions will enable you to manage between different payment modes while using integrated ERP and UPIs.
  4. We allow businesses to smoothen supply chain management by automating the vendors and suppliers.
  5. Transferring data with these integrated solutions becomes easier than ever. With one click, the whole crew can get notifications on devices and apps.
  6. Our third-party solutions give a great amount of beneficial results to B2B enterprises by providing fast and easy access and enhancing communication among CRM and clients.
  7. Integrated solutions allow your businesses to streamline business with partners and make collaborations since these intelligent solutions connect with other business’s ERP and libraries.

Learn more about Third Party Solution​


You get the following integrations in third-party solutions:

  1. SMS gateways
  2. Banking apps
  3. Salary disposal system
  4. Shipping tools
  5. Attendance machines
  6. WhatsApp
  7. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

You can get the following integrations if you have a large-scale enterprise:

  1. Warehouse management
  2. Retail management
  3. Insurance management
  4. HR management
  5. Camp management
  6. Click Dimensions
  7. Pagero-E Invoicing

Following are the steps of applying third-party solution:

  1. Customization
  2. Configure
  3. Interfacing
  4. Maintenance
  5. Support
  6. Implementation