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A comprehensive E-Invoicing solution is making buying and selling more accessible than ever.

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Worldwide Networking Solution to Automate Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay

BEMEA connects to Pagero network for automated and digital exchange for e-invoices, orders, business documents and other payment instructions and provides the same integration with all suppliers, third parties, vendors, retailers or other business partners around the Globe.

Besides automation and digitalization, this provider promises the integration of a Smart Business Network that assists in managing and organizing data for better business decision-making and building powerful strategies.

E-Invoicing in the Middle East: A Comprehensive Brief

Before you get to us, you need to get a stronghold of e-invoicing. The creation, transmission, receipt, and processing of invoices in an electronic format is known as e-invoicing Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Middle East, also known as electronic invoicing. We have recently grown tenfold across the Middle East since it has many advantages over conventional paper-based invoicing.

According to experts, E-invoicing Dubai is the electronic exchange of invoices between firms. We allow companies to issue and receive invoices online instead of by mail. Since printing and mailing bills are no longer necessary, we can save firms time and money.

We are thriving since we can be more accurate and secure than traditional paper invoicing while saving time and money.

How Does Online Billing Operate in the Saudi Arabia?

Electronic invoicing involves preparing a digital invoice and sending it electronically from one company to another. This invoice may be presented as a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PDF. The invoice can be processed and paid electronically after it is received.

E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing KSA – Saudi Arabia, is the process through which invoices are generated, transmitted, and received electronically instead of on paper. It involves sending bills between companies and their clients through digital technologies.

By lowering the expense of printing and distributing paper invoices, e-invoicing providers can assist organizations in saving time and money. Additionally, it can hasten and increase the accuracy of billing and payment processes, enhancing cash flow management.

Pagero E-Invoicing Solution



E-Invoicing Dashboard


Why Choose Pagero E-Invoicing Solution by BEMEA As Your Preferred Provider

Page is an all-in-all business solution that drives your business in Saudi Arabia.

Adaptable: Integrate seamlessly and easily with any existing software or system.

Compliant: Promote compliance and do business in every market.

Connect More: Connect with your business partners around the world.

Easy to Use: No need to hire experts to use and understand Pagero.

E-Invoicing: Exchange invoices digitally with every supplier and customer.

Cloud-Based: Optimize security with a cloud-based software solution.

AR Automation: Send invoices digitally via Pagero’s Accounts Receivables Automation.

Precision: Get precise data about inbound and outbound e-invoicing.

AP Automation: Get invoices digitally via Accounts Payable Automation.

Worldwide Reach: Connect with customers in Saudi Arabia via a cloud-based network.

Customized Applications: Seamless processing via tailored applications that fulfil business needs.

Increase Profits: Control back-office resources and control data flow.

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E-Invoicing Made Easy with Pagero Solutions

E-Invoicing Made Easy with Pagero Solutions by BEMEA

Get E-Invoicing Insights, see reports, manage e-books, and much more

When it comes to e-invoicing, there is a need for transactional control. Companies need to keep up with tax-changing requirements BEMEA suggests and customizes Pagero solutions according to the company’s needs to do seamless business anywhere in the world.

How does Pagero E-Invoicing Work?

An electronic e-invoicing system in Saudi Arabia that remains digitalizes the life cycle of invoices from archiving to issuance. Optimize accounting and financial terms and achieve precision and accuracy by automating e-invoicing documentation and boosting cash flows. No matter your business model and ERP, we tailor e-invoicing solutions powered by Pagero for companies to process all invoices digitally.

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Digitalize Inbound and Outbound E-Invoices


Digitalize Inbound and Outbound E-Invoices

Connect all your financial and accounting systems with Pagero to send and receive invoices directly to vendors, suppliers, business partners and customers, regardless of their software. Guarantee on-time delivery of invoices to customers and business partners around Saudi Arabia. Align your financials from receiving invoices from customers and business partners at any time.

  • Benefit from integrated government hubs globally.
  • Get notifications when customers get invoices.
  • Automate SMS and emails for invoicing.
  • Approve, reject and request a modification in invoices.
  • Automate auditing of invoices.
  • Get real-time data with precision.

Send PDF, Paper and E-Invoices with a Powerful and Intelligent AR Automation

  • Cost-effective account receivables solution
  • See clearance and pending status
  • Manage invoicing process
  • Store and secure invoice documentation
  • Get digital signatures
  • View analytics any time

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Streamline AP Automation

Streamline AP Automation

Manual invoicing risks human error and redundancy, and getting over these issues takes a lot of time – this can cause a decline in business financials and contracts. With BEMEA’s Pagero solutions, KSA eliminates human errors and the need for paper while getting complete insight into financials at any time.

  • Empower suppliers, vendors, retailers and business partners to use portals.
  • Automate emailing invoices to customers
  • Verify and validate invoices before sending
  • See the history of invoices
  • Manage e-banking processes
  • Search specific invoices within seconds

Control Logistics at All Levels

Our Pagero Solutions are opted for by the public, life science, IT, manufacturing and healthcare sectors in Dubai, UAE. Digitalize and control your transportation and other logistical operations with Pagero’s Smart Business Network to boost mobility to customers and third parties. Automate, handle and digitalize supplier and business partners’ invoices. No matter the size of the company, Pagero KSA manages all sects of logistics.


  1. Prep transportation shipping and routes with control cost and optimized performance.
  2. Assign the suitable transport for the right commodity.
  3. Manage non-digital / offline suppliers


  1. Control shipping process from anywhere
  2. Promote on-time delivery by getting complete visibility
  3. Benefit from e-booking


  1. Collect payments and manage its invoices
  2. Get updates online and offline
  3. Conduct invoice audit


  • Make better business decisions
  1. Export data to BI systems
  2. Analyze best routes
  3. See reports

Cloud-Based Network for Ordering and Invoicing Documents

Cloud-Based Network for Ordering and Invoicing Documents in Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Pagero is a fully-automated e-invoice and e-order system for global and local clients and business partners. Pagera Solutions by BEMEA allows UAE-based companies to align financial terms and do business inbound and outbound. This leads to compliance with VAT regulations, minimizing risks and errors while ensuring documentation flow. Pagero allows companies to extend their global outreach. We interlink Dynamics NAV with the functionalities of Pagero according to your business requirements.

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Supported Regions

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah), GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) Yemen, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, Canada, and USA, with Global approach.

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