Property Management Software

Property Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives the Real Estate Management team to administrate tools like leases, renewals, reservations, appraisals within the organization. Property Management software gives a customer-centric solution to streamline the property pre-sales, marketing, post-sales, and other processes.

Property Management Software



  • User-adjustable menus and layouts, forms and reports can be easily available as a built-in option.
  • Language interface in both English and Arabic.


  • It can create up to 3 hierarchies such as Property Group, Property, Individual units or a floor.
  • Different unit types can be maintained such as Apartments, villa, office, shops, etc.
  • Rent values, standard rates can also be maintained.


  • Multiple options of single and merge units for Lease Management.
  • Maintain the payment frequency with different options like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.
  • Generate lease contracts and generate PDF archives of the signed contracts.


  • Maintenance of history of rent appraisals.
  • Renewal of leases with options such as extension of duration, terms and condition up-gradation,increase and decrease in the lease amount.


  • Analytical report of ageing of the tenants.
  • The dashboard on the different criteria of occupancy, gross revenue, vacant space.
  • Generation of a report on historical data.

Property Management Software Solution

We at Business Experts Gulf Dubai, UAE will assist you with the Regional Real estate, Property management software, CRM and solution for the UAE terms of law and guide you with the implementation.

We at Business Experts Gulf will assist you with the Regional Real estate requirement of yours and guide you with the implementation.

If you are looking for a way of trying to transform property management and driving it towards digitalisation, then with property management CRM, it would be of great help. You would be able to take advantage of the software and with strategic design; application is able to make your customers satisfied. Here are some grand features you get to enjoy and how enabling self-service and with integration, you would be able to reach higher end customers.

Property Management in Microsoft Solution for your Organisation

A single source of data and different parts of the organisation would help you with a more accurate reporting, and this would lead to a better informed and quicker response as well. With us at Bemea, you would be getting property management software UAE help for the smooth running of everything. You would be able to provide customer service on different platforms.

Processing and Scheduling with Ease

Automated property management software Dubai would help you in managing the staff and the customer at the same go. It would also improve the productivity level of the staff and there would be the option of service scheduling as well.

We help you and are business experts in property management software and would assist you and guide you with the whole process of real estate requirement and implementation.

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