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Securing Office 365 & SharePoint Environments

Technically speaking some organizations come across challenges. If an organization had already been following a specific system, say Microsoft SharePoint as an intranet and internal collaboration platform and now planning to increase user adoption; could be by way of sharing internal information for system implementation and operations. Moreover, if this web-based collaborative platform license expires and the organization wishes to upgrade their system, migrating to Office 365 is not a difficult proposition.

Using the latest cloud technology to reform the working of the organization, Office 365 – SharePoint Online could be utilized for the latest features including mobile device access besides being available 24×7 around the year to be accessed to essential content by end users and of course the information is securely shared. Security for external collaboration being a critical issue the system takes care without any compromise.

For an organization with global reach of domestic and international users, Office 365 could offer the following features:

  • Provide secure environment for internal and external users to work in sync
  • Offer backup and recovery of data
  • Automating SharePoint administration without the involvement of IT personnel

How to Go About

Any Microsoft cloud expert hosted on Microsoft Azure will be able to assist after researching the requirement of an organization. The expert will simplify Office 365 administration and will be able to even provide detailed data backup or granular backup.  Additionally, other capabilities for SharePoint Online include Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. The top notch expertise can automate Office 365 site creation, obviously through the user’s department thereby allowing each site group to control the operations of external users.

SharePoint will only be able to recover data at the site level but the Microsoft expert can recover data even at smaller levels of granularity.

The organization can rely on the Microsoft cloud expert when it comes to audit log archive, access permission export, automation security and data backup ensuring quick audit response.

Consequently, the efficiency of the administration will increase and improve the speed of IT tasks thanks to Microsoft cloud expert who will make the office affairs completely automatic.

Goals of An Organization

The goals of a modern organization is to maximize its Office 365 deployment by constructing an environment for a secure internal and external collaboration even while saving administration time, effort and funds with amazing features for business benefit.

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