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Blog >> Savings From The Cloud: How The Cloud Lets You Reduce Your It Expenses

Savings From The Cloud: How The Cloud Lets You Reduce Your It Expenses

If we come from the IT domain, most of us would understand the benefits and convenience of being on the cloud and having cloud solutions. To bring a few assets of cloud-based technologies to the table, we can talk about the anytime- anywhere access, anytime- anywhere enhanced collaboration. The varied cloud savings to mention could start from infra space rental, consultancy fees to lower energy usage. A lot of IT expenses could be saved in real-time. Let’s explore more on the savings.

Savings From The Cloud


The big saving on the cloud is the Hardware costs. On-Premises solution’s biggest drawback is the heavy maintenance on servers and other in-house equipment. The scenario on the cloud is just the opposite with limited hardware. The maximum investment would be on the personal machines for the employees (laptops and desktops). Also, you can save on energy costs and spacing costs on leasing.

The cloud solution minimizes the leasing, hardware, and energy costs which in return is a saving for the companies to invest in other up-gradation of company benefits.

Upfront Investment

On-premises solutions’ biggest downside is the upfront costs involved. Tens of thousands of capital investment come as a big question for many companies and SMBs. But with cloud technologies, the upfront cost is reduced drastically. The investment involved is the licensing fees, software usage fee. Also, Cloud solutions now come with a subscription-based, Pay-as-you-go structure. The investment is based on per-user usage, which helps you from over-spending. Scaling-up and down as per the need and case basis also lets you estimate and control over-spending.


Another major cost that could be saved because of the cloud is the IT- labor cost. Although your IT team would be sad to hear it, being on the cloud reduces labor to be on call 24*7. Being On-Premises means constant maintenance of the server, changes, repair of hardware, and upgrades. These all involve monetary involvement. By moving to the cloud, your IT team can focus on the transition journey and will be able to focus on the latest technological advancement for the business.

Does another question arise of what if we never had an in-house IT Team? Well, in that case, you would be saving more on an expensive third-party vendor who would have additional charges for their services.

Moving to the cloud has become a mandatory norm for businesses. But this mandatory should be more of a happy acceptance. Not only does moving to the cloud makes life and process simpler for you but it saves a ton from leasing to energy cost. What is your experience of moving to the cloud? How was the overall journey of moving to the cloud? What savings from the cloud have you made? Do let us know.

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