How to Create Cost-Effective Solution for SMEs with Recurring Sales Invoices?

recurring sales invoice business central

Recurring Sales Invoice Business Central has become a necessity for businesses. So, as Microsoft Business Central partners, we understand the importance of Sales Invoices and the time and effort it requires creating them.

To begin with, sales invoice or sales order documents your agreement with a customer to sell specific products on specific delivery and payment terms. So, creating a new invoice for each transaction will clearly be more work.

However, we can work smarter and more efficiently with Dynamics 365 Business Central. This can be done by creating recurring sales invoices for repeat customer sales transactions. A job queue can be configured to generate these invoices automatically without the user’s intervention.

You can set it up by following the steps below:

Step 1: Define Your Recurring Sales Line

● Open Business Central and navigate to the “Recurring Sales Line” window
● Make a new code – this is a unique number that will be used to identify a specific invoice
● Then give the invoice a description – this will be the title it appears under
● And if necessary, change the currency
● Pick a type, an item number, and a quantity

Step 2: Attach to the Customer Card

● On the customer card, click “Navigate > Related > Recurring Sales Lines”
● Insert the code created above
● Then choose the dates and select a payment method

Step 3: Generate Sales Invoice

● Click the “Create Recurring Sales Invoice” window
● Fill out the fields for the order date and the posting date
● Then select the customer
● Press the “OK” button
● A pop-up window will appear informing you of the number of invoices created

Step 4: Review & Post

● Navigate to the “Ongoing Sales Invoices” tab.
● Posting > Post into the sales invoice you just created

With these steps, we can easily set- up Recurring Sales Invoice Business Central.

In conclusion, as Microsoft Business Central Partners, we at Business Experts Gulf have a skilled team to help you with all your enquiries.

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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

e invoicing solution provider

Business Experts Gulf (BEG) is an e- invoicing solution provider as a Gold Partner of Microsoft. (BEG) has come up with solution that enables Dynamics 365 electronic invoicing (e-invoice) to strive and offer finance departments a far better service than the standard e-invoicing software.

E is for easy

Skip the printouts, the postal waits, the approvals, the scans, forwards, and the deliveries. These time-consuming manual procedures can be easily eliminated by using e-invoice.

In addition, this would result in fewer manual steps mean fewer errors and a much faster e-invoicing process. Hence, a faster, more accurate process means faster circulation of money. All of this adds up to getting paid the right amount, at a quicker pace.

Moreover, the adoption of e-invoicing has a number of advantages for firms. Businesses will benefit from this digital transformation opportunity since they will be able to:

  •  Swift and quick payments
  •  Cost savings
  •  Fewer rejected invoices
  •  Shorter processing and payment timelines
  •  Increased AP productivity
  •  Increased accuracy by focusing on quality tasks
  •  Improved cash management

E is for entrusting

Furthermore, while considering how easy and convenient this process is, laws should also be considered before jumping into new systems for the business. Fortunately, The UAE recognizes electronic and/or digital invoicing. The Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 on Electronic Commerce and Transactions regulates the use of electronic records, papers, and signatures in electronic transactions and commerce.

So, the legislation includes uniform rules, regulations, and standards for electronic communications authenticity and validity, including electronic invoicing and the use of electronic signatures.

E is for eco-friendly

Just this year, the Dubai Digital government decided to go paperless – saving time, resources, and the environment by eliminating more than 1 billion pieces of paper needed for government transactions each year. In addition, the government will no longer issue or request paper documents in any of its operations.

With this news in hand, e-invoicing has made tasks at hand more efficient and convenient while benefiting the environment with this initiative.

Moreover, this digital transformation considers the laws and regulations of the UAE.

In conclusion,, the shift to digital practices has made it the perfect time for your business to use the most efficient system and partner up with Dynamics 365 and Business Experts Gulf.

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ZATCA Guide to E-Invoice

recurring sales invoice business central

The digital shift

E-invoicing, or Electronic Invoicing is a fully automated workflow from one company’s ERP system to another through an integrated accounting solution. It is a method of creating electronic invoices for the purpose of storing them virtually. The e-invoicing, processing invoices, credit notes, and debit notes in a structured electronic format between seller and consumer will then be simple.

Experience and convenience, stored in one cloud

Aside from a better experience and convenience for both customers and sellers, acquiring the e-invoice solution has a variety of advantages:
● Managing the invoices digitally full-on from day one, all in one cloud
● Easy access to real-time invoice and tax compliance, wherever located
● Seamless integration into any system, diminishing interferences or new interfaces
● Validated inbound and outbound invoices to ensure only the right transactions enter the ERP system
● Ability to access and analyze data to drive business growth through business and financial decisions
● Safe and secured data with fewer risks of scams and no fear of being sent to junk mail

Just because it’s digital, does not mean it’s an e-invoice

Despite recognizing a variety of e-invoice formats, not all digital invoices are e-invoices. See which formats do not make the cut:
● Invoices in PDF format, which are usually sent via email. Since PDF invoices are not sent in a structured format, they cannot be processed automatically.
● Paper invoices are not considered as e-invoices because they were not issued electronically, despite converting into a digital format.

E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced the introduction of an e-invoicing law from 4 December 2021. By introducing e-invoicing, organizations can both reduce costs and increase productivity at the same time. They are able to reduce time-consuming manual work and pay more attention to control, business strategy and increased collaboration with clients and suppliers.

What do I need to know?

● It will come into effect in two stages: generation from 4 December 2021, integration from 1 January 2023
● The law applies to all taxpayers subject to VAT (excluding taxpayers not residing in the Kingdom), in addition
to any party that issues a tax invoice on behalf of the taxpayer, who is subject to VAT.
● Issuing and keeping electronic invoices, debit and credit notes: an electronic invoice is generated and stored
in data structured files. Paper, unstructured data files, word, excel, PDF generated documents/ images or
scan copies of images are not considered e-invoices.

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How would a work environment look which includes all your favorite office applications and lets you work securely from anywhere you wish?

Our requirement in the current scenario has changed, we work remotely and with the remote work culture, you need simple and secure solutions that help transform your business and get things done seamlessly from anywhere. Microsoft 365 for business can help reach your goals of serving your customers, getting things done from almost anywhere.

80% of regular employees expect to work from home a minimum of 3x per week once Covid-19 restrictions lift.

Surveyed firms gained up to 163% ROI over 3 years by improving employee productivity and reducing IT prices with Microsoft 365 for Business.

Top challenges for today’s businesses

Enable remote work. Businesses, be it SMB’s or enterprises all need easier, faster, and secure ways to operate and support their customers.

Strengthen security. Protecting sensitive data has become more challenging due to the current remote work format, in which small businesses are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Reduce costs & complexity. With the environment of an uncertain economy in the post-Covid-19 market you need to work with a pocket-friendly budget but with the best of technology in place.

Support growth. We need solutions that may extend simply and affordably as your business changes and grows, while not requiring vital up-front investment.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for business

  1. Be more productive almost anywhere with real-time collaboration.
  • Cloud-based Office apps work with people almost anywhere.
  • Videoconferencing, chat, calling and emails be it any mode, lets you stay in touch with your co-workers.
  1. Help protect your business information with technology you can trust.
  • Protect against data malware, unauthorized access, and accidental deletion using built-in safeguard techniques.
  1. Enabling multi-factor authentication to safeguard user access.
  2. Optimize costs & management with a single, secure solution for teamwork.
  • Replace standalone software with a single, totally managed platform that features workplace apps and real-time collaboration including videoconferencing.
  • Start with a thought that’s right for your business and add additional capabilities merely and affordably as required.

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The whole world is looking for new ways of Digital Transformation. The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have also started looking for moving the supply chain process into the journey of Digital Transformation. The mission to be Digital is clear: Manufacturers are in the process to focus on their customer service and build strong customer satisfaction by being closely linked to the end-user of their product.

New Technologies that support data-driven decision-making are key to addressing the challenges posed by today’s extended supply chains. How can supply-chain transformation improve customer experience? What is OEMs’ vision for automated, intelligent supply chains? how willing are OEMs to deploy a new system that could support the business process, and how prepared are they to identify and act on the valuable insights new technologies will deliver?

Dynamics 365 supports the needs of Modern Manufacturing needs. It helps you handle multiple processes and provides real-time operations visibility from the shop floor to the top floor of the supply chain.

Digital Transformation becomes a buzzword when the right people can access, understand and leverage the right data at the right time to take timely action.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing?

With the capabilities of handling multiple processes be it repetitive, discrete, lean, project, E20, or any combination of this, D365 can act under a single instance using the power of the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain helps build a more productive, collaborative environment between partners, suppliers, employees, and customers. It helps run an efficient operation which leads to focus more on quality, reducing waste, and being compliant with the end product.

A huge opportunity exists for OEMs to become more responsive to customer demands and differentiate in the marketplace with the use of intelligent supply chain solutions of Dynamics 365 for the Supply Chain.

Build Resilience with an agile supply chain.

Download the below infographics to know more about “ Why Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing?”

Microsoft Proof Points for Manufacturing – Download Now

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