Benefits of Microsoft 365 for business

How would a work environment look which includes all your favorite office applications and lets you work securely from anywhere you wish?

Our requirement in the current scenario has changed, we work remotely and with the remote work culture, you need simple and secure solutions that help transform your business and get things done seamlessly from anywhere. Microsoft 365 for business can help reach your goals of serving your customers, getting things done from almost anywhere.

80% of regular employees expect to work from home a minimum of 3x per week once Covid-19 restrictions lift.

Surveyed firms gained up to 163% ROI over 3 years by improving employee productivity and reducing IT prices with Microsoft 365 for Business.

Top challenges for today’s businesses

Enable remote work. Businesses, be it SMB’s or enterprises all need easier, faster, and secure ways to operate and support their customers.

Strengthen security. Protecting sensitive data has become more challenging due to the current remote work format, in which small businesses are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Reduce costs & complexity. With the environment of an uncertain economy in the post-Covid-19 market you need to work with a pocket-friendly budget but with the best of technology in place.

Support growth. We need solutions that may extend simply and affordably as your business changes and grows, while not requiring vital up-front investment.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for business

  1. Be more productive almost anywhere with real-time collaboration.
  • Cloud-based Office apps work with people almost anywhere.
  • Videoconferencing, chat, calling and emails be it any mode, lets you stay in touch with your co-workers.
  1. Help protect your business information with technology you can trust.
  • Protect against data malware, unauthorized access, and accidental deletion using built-in safeguard techniques.
  1. Enabling multi-factor authentication to safeguard user access.
  2. Optimize costs & management with a single, secure solution for teamwork.
  • Replace standalone software with a single, totally managed platform that features workplace apps and real-time collaboration including videoconferencing.
  • Start with a thought that’s right for your business and add additional capabilities merely and affordably as required.

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The whole world is looking for new ways of Digital Transformation. The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have also started looking for moving the supply chain process into the journey of Digital Transformation. The mission to be Digital is clear: Manufacturers are in the process to focus on their customer service and build strong customer satisfaction by being closely linked to the end-user of their product.

New Technologies that support data-driven decision-making are key to addressing the challenges posed by today’s extended supply chains. How can supply-chain transformation improve customer experience? What is OEMs’ vision for automated, intelligent supply chains? how willing are OEMs to deploy a new system that could support the business process, and how prepared are they to identify and act on the valuable insights new technologies will deliver?

Dynamics 365 supports the needs of Modern Manufacturing needs. It helps you handle multiple processes and provides real-time operations visibility from the shop floor to the top floor of the supply chain.

Digital Transformation becomes a buzzword when the right people can access, understand and leverage the right data at the right time to take timely action.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing?

With the capabilities of handling multiple processes be it repetitive, discrete, lean, project, E20, or any combination of this, D365 can act under a single instance using the power of the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain helps build a more productive, collaborative environment between partners, suppliers, employees, and customers. It helps run an efficient operation which leads to focus more on quality, reducing waste, and being compliant with the end product.

A huge opportunity exists for OEMs to become more responsive to customer demands and differentiate in the marketplace with the use of intelligent supply chain solutions of Dynamics 365 for the Supply Chain.

Build Resilience with an agile supply chain.

Download the below infographics to know more about “ Why Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing?”

Microsoft Proof Points for Manufacturing – Download Now

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Attracting and grabbing the attention of new customers is the sole purpose of every business. Although there are many ways to do that, one is by improving customer service. Customer’s buying is not just dependant on which company has the best products, but who will provide the best shopping experience. This further makes keeping the consumer’s needs a priority.

Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing can really help build healthy relationships with your consumers. It provides you with an overall real-time view of your consumers.

Such features further allow your business to offer thoughtful engagement while also building trust. Even though there are various ways Dynamics 365 can help further develop customer relations, here mentioned are five of the most important ones.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Track Communication:
The most common way Dynamics 365 is used to develop customer relationships is by easy integration with other programs like Microsoft Teams and Outlook. All the emails present on Outlook are tracked into Dynamics 365 and attached with customer records. This offers business detailed communication histories. These histories can be referenced when required to provide better service.

Dynamics 365 is used to track call logs from Microsoft Teams. Similar to Outlook integration, this also allows businesses to build detailed communication histories. With Microsoft Teams, you can easily share files, chat, send messages or exchange information.

Customer Data and Insights:
Using Dynamics 365 Customer insights allows you to easily transform customer data into actionable insights. This can help you unify the data and predict customer movements with built-in AI. With Dynamics 365, you can either use the pre-installed artificial intelligence or make one by yourself.

Getting real-time engagement insights can further help you analyse customer behaviour for the better part. You can then use this data to make informed decisions, personalise customer engagement, and even automate processes.

For instance, if a customer brings up a query, you can easily check their activity history and use it to understand the problem better. All in all, you can make the most of the data available and help your consumers better and more efficiently.

Conversation Intelligence:
Another feature in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Conversation Intelligence, allows a business to further strengthen customer relationships through personalised ongoing conversations. This feature was mainly designed to help sellers and sales managers in their daily job.

This tool can be used to track the sales and judge every call performance with the consumers. Mainly a benefit that is used in-house, it allows your sales teams to acquire a new perspective into customer needs.

It does this by providing the required data and analytics from seller calls and Dynamics 365 sales. All of this information is thoroughly examined to proficiently handle the sales and simultaneously coach them. It portrays the relevant KPIs by seller, team and call. It helps strengthen ongoing interactions.

Tracking Relationship Health:
You can track relationship health to get a better understanding of customer trends and sentiments. At only one glance, you can see which customers require more attention. This can further help you take action towards risk customer and improve customer loyalty.

Customer Voice Surveys:
Dynamics 365 comes with integrated surveys that can help streamline follow up and build a better customer experience. Customer feedback is essential to help further guide future decisions for your company.

With Customer Voice, you can gather and even track customer metrics and act on them. You can turn raw data is deep insights, build brand loyalty and transfer data across systems. All in all, it helps your company accelerate responses.

In Conclusion
To say the least, dynamics 365 makes it easier for customers to engage customers more efficiently and build customer loyalty. It is important to note that only the customers you invest in will be loyal and committed to doing business with you in the future. They can also help spread your brand’s name.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been one of the most used computer programs in any business all around the world. It aims at making company processes easier and more efficient and also enhancing the overall customer experience.

In today’s digital age, winning new deals, increasing profit-margins, building brand awareness, and retaining your best customer are significant challenges. With a saturated market, it is getting harder each day to be consistent in the industry. However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, all of this becomes effortlessly easy.

Based on the Microsoft Power Platform, the Dynamics 365 Project Operations can efficiently integrate with your existing system. It further allows your company to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions by extending, customizing, and connecting to other Microsoft services and apps. With such software, you can be sure of increasing the overall returns and efficiency of your company.

You can use it with the Microsoft applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 if you already have them as well.

Nevertheless, if you are new to this software program, this blog is for you. Here you will learn how Dynamics 365 Project Operations connect resourcing, sales, project, and accounting teams with this one application to enhance deals, maximize profitability and accelerate delivery.

What Are Some Advantages You Can Experience With Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Further mentioned here are some of the main advantages of using such software.

Gain More Deals:
This is one of the most common advantages of using Project operations. It further builds on the abilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA). This additionally helps simplify all aspects of project-based sales.

Starting from pricing or estimates to quote to forecasting and contract management. This will further allow your company to win more deals and finalize the sales and transfer them to the delivery teams.

Make Your Team More Efficient:
Using Project operations in your firm can help make your team more efficient. Highly productive and better-connected teams are usually the product of operational excellence. However, to accomplish that, you have to enhance collaborative efforts across the project lifecycle.

You can do this by bringing the cross-functional teams together with project plans, budgeting, and scopes while capturing conversations, using apps, and sharing content.

Project operations can help empower the people with delivery tools and visual project planning through implanted Microsoft Project capabilities.

Heighten Resource Utilization:
Coming in at number three is this popular benefit of Project Operations. Since Project Operations further enhances the project management and accounting (PMA) abilities of Dynamics 365, it can help maximise probability.

Along with that, it also helps your company easily manage its finances through every project phase.

You can configure project revenue and cost parameters which will further drive efficiency throughout accounting to support compliance. This also includes global parameters relating to any legal entities that might be attached to the project.

Help The Team Make Informed Decisions:
Known to be one of the best advantages of Project Operations, it helps your business make faster and informed decisions. Since this program unifies the operational workflows, it helps increase business agility.

It does this by providing better visibility along with actionable insights throughout the project-based operations. Allowing your staff to use this software can help them gather more valuable and up-to-date insights that will enhance your projects’ overall health.

All of this is delivered within the flow of work and provides for greater efficiency.

In Conclusion
All these points mentioned above make Microsoft Dynamics Project Operations one of the best computer programs to implement in your growing business.

All in all, it can be said that using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations can ensure that you increase your staff’s productivity and, eventually, your company. However, using this software might need some practice and skills. With additional information like pricing can help your company make more informed decisions.

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While it is no surprise that most people in field service management have heard about Microsoft 365, not many know the right use of its functionalities. It has been in the industry for several years now and only becoming a more vital part with each passing day.

There are several potential benefits to using an efficient software program like Microsoft Dynamics 365. This blog further aims to enlighten you about some of the features and their benefits in Field Service management.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Before knowing how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can benefit your company, you need to understand what it is and why you should consider using it. This business application is one of the first and most effective ways of ensuring that your organization can provide onsite service to customer locations.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Work?

It combines workflow automation, mobility and scheduling algorithms to help set-up workers to fix customer issues onsite. This cloud-based application facilitates customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Along with artificial intelligence tools and productivity applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is undoubtedly a program you cannot miss out on.

What Does The Field Service Management Software Platform Include?

The Field Service Management software platform allows full work order management, which includes:

  • Full visibility of a customer’s service history, along with their work and case order management.
  • Asset management to further track configurations history and check the work completed on a particular asset.
  • Warranty, service and maintenance contracts, including SLA management.
  • Tracking customer identified issues, integrating IoT alerts and automatically creating maintenance tickets to further help manage work orders from several areas of your business.
  • Automation of processes for dispatch along with service scheduling, including easy drag and drop scheduling boards.
  • Mobile access to process a work order along with scanning bar codes, pictures, expense, inventory management and time management.

Why Should You Consider Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service?

A Field Service Management software can come in handy in a number of situations and further help your company grow. One of the main strengths of such an application is its flexibility for custom processes to get incorporated in the system.

With strong sales execution, customer references and this flexibility, Microsoft has swiftly become a leader in this sector. There are over 400,000 users in Europe alone. The most common types of customer industries that use this software include telecom, manufacturing, energy, insurance, and the public sector.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Field Service Management Software?

There are many ways of using Field Service Management software that can help your business. Here mentioned are a couple of ways how.

  • Improved First-Time Fix Rates:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service allows the mobiles workers to know what skills and tools might be required before they arrive at a job. Not only that, but the cost involved, time expectancy, and a full view of the customer are provided. This further helps make the process faster and more efficient.

  • Knowledgeable Dispatchers:

This software allows a dispatcher to know which mobile worker is available and appropriately stocked for the job. This information can help them schedule the jobs more efficiently, further providing better service.

It can also eliminate the need to call around for updates that can be used to communicate with the customers and complete the work. With this software, there is no reason for field engineers to turn up unprepared.

To Sum It Up

These are some of the advantages of implementing Field Service Management software in your business. However, if not properly used, this software program has absolutely no use. Even though learning it from scratch can be quite time-consuming, you can always hire professionals to help you with it.

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