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Protect Enterprise Solutions with new Microsoft Power Platform Security Features

by admin / April 04, 2024

Protect Enterprise Solutions with new Microsoft Power Platform Security Features

As the threat environment grows and cyber criminals become more creative, organizations have to stay ahead of a constantly changing landscape and protect their networks from the onslaught of advanced cyberattacks.
Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful tool in terms of overall security, with all the capabilities it offers for organizations to keep their enterprise data secured while at the same time using AI technologies. These elements further enhance the security provided by other established security devices and services of Microsoft that are meant to serve different needs but work together to provide comprehensive protection.

Enhanced Security Management in the Security Hub

Unlock the power of AI-driven business solutions with upgraded security oversight in the Security Hub. Maximize potential by ensuring robust security measures, empowering seamless integration, and safeguarding sensitive data. Realize enhanced efficiency and confidence in your digital ecosystem with comprehensive security management.

Implementing Sensitivity Labels using Microsoft Purview Data Map
Sensitivity labels not only ensure sound data protection in Dataverse but also avoid unauthorized access or disclosure of data from it. Linking to Microsoft Purview Data Map helps in attaining security by the way that organizations can classify the data and protect it more effectively, which is compliant with the rules. It increases the mitigation process during risk involving data.

Enhanced Transparency into Administrative Actions within Microsoft Purview

To enable effective security, we have to make regular admin activity monitoring, understand and answer threats accordingly. With Microsoft Purview, the visibility across admin activities can be improved, which earlier was the challenge in monitoring of security issues and their response.

Access Audit Data using Microsoft Azure Synapse Link

Azure Synapse Link is a feature for data access to the audit data stored in Dataverse, which helps data accessibility. Integration with the product of Microsoft Power BI enables the users to show and interrogate access audit information in an encompassing manner, and thus identify security problems and compliance with regulations.

Enhancing Defenses Against Data Exfiltration and Strengthening Network Isolation

Implementing cutting-edge measures for data exfiltration protection fortifies defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Network isolation serves as a critical layer of security, mitigating unauthorized access and curbing the propagation of malicious activities within the network.

Secure Connectivity to Azure Virtual Network Resources

Set up a direct line of communication with Azure Virtual Network to protect the data against possible threats routed over the same communication channel. Incorporation into the Azure Virtual Network portfolio among other services allows for multiple levels of security to be applied, which in turn decreases the odds of data breaches or unauthorized access.

Firewall Safeguards for Dataverse Data

A firewall-driven shelter for Dataverse data is an impenetrable facet against unauthorized system(s) access and possible data leakages. Through tightening data security, firewall protection simply implies that the standards set for regulation are strongly enforced and any sensitive information is well protected.

Continuous Access Evaluation

Continuous access evaluation as continuous scrutiny of user privileges seduces a prominence inadequate to security revealed in a proactive approach. This feature of the solution together improves the information security posture by minimizing improper access chances and performance of internal compliance actions.

Microsoft Power Platform Power Platform Managed Identity Support

Utilizing managed identities to support the security processes within the Power Platform atmosphere allows for secure authentication and stating granular access control. The integration will significantly reinforce the existing security effort that provides more high protection against identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Microsoft Entra ID Privileged Identity Management Support

With the help of the Microsoft Entra ID solution for privileged identity management, companies get a convenient and powerful mechanism that allows them to benefit from a high level of access control to crucial data. This method is determinant in enhancing accountability, the chances of insider threats, and the total security posture of an organization.

IPv6 Support Integration

With the support of IPv6, further speed-up of connection and adjustment to the performance requirement of the recent enterprise solutions are the reasons why this feature is added. IPv6 is run by organizations advantage of network performance improvement, scalability, and the possibility of future compatibility with the technologies that are at the moment developed.

Integration of Power Platform into Security Operations Center

Through Pairing a Power Platform with a SOC, visibility is heightened and so is proactive threat detection and response. With Microsoft Sentinel support for all Microsoft Business Applications like Dynamics 365, security operations will be effortlessly streamlined together, allowing enterprises to have a solid foundation to stand on for their security operations.