Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Where is the cloud? And how does it relates to computing These are all questions you’ve encountered.

The term “cloud computing” is everywhere. In a layman’s words, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs online instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. The flowcharts and presentations that would represent the Huge server-farm infrastructure of the Internet as nothing but a puffy, white cumulonimbus cloud, accepting connections and allocating out information as it sails.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Service Dubai

Cloud Computing Service Dubai – UAE

What cloud computing is not about is your hard drive. When you store data on or run programs from the hard drive, that’s called local storage and computing. Everything that you require is tangibly close to you, that means accessing your data is fast and easy, for that one computer, or others on the local network. Computer industry has been working excessively on hard drive for years.

The cloud is also not about having a committed network-attached storage hardware or server in residence. The cloud allows us to work from any location as long as they have an internet-connected device. For it to be considered “cloud computing,” you need to access your data or your programs over the Internet, or at the very least, have that data integration with other information online. In a huge enterprise, you may know everything about what’s on the other side of the connection; as an individual user, you may no clue what kind of massive data-processing is happening on the other side . The result is the same: with an internet connection, computing can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Consumer vs. Business

Business Experts Gulf talking about cloud computing as it impacts individual consumers who sit back at home or in small to medium scale offices and use the Internet as a routine basis. There is an entirely different “cloud” when it comes to business. Some enterprise Opt to implement Software-as-a-Service, where the business subscribes to an application it accesses online. There’s also Platform-as-a-Service, where an enterprise can design its own custom applications for all. And don’t forget the mighty Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

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