Billing Management Solution with Dynamics 365

Empower your billing process with our comprehensive Billing Management Solution, tailored for the energy industry and powered by Dynamics 365. With a focus on efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction, our solution offers a range of key features and benefits : 


Billing Management Solution

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions  Partner

Benefits of Billing Management Solution

  • Working Solution : Benefit from a fully functional billing solution implemented by an experienced team. 
  • Integrations : Seamlessly integrate with our platform and third-party apps for enhanced functionality. 
  • Upgradable Customized Billing Engine : Enjoy a flexible and upgradable billing engine with no license limitations. 
  • Customized Reports : Access customized reports, Power BI, and analytical cubes for insightful data analysis. 
  • Support Agreement : Stay covered with our support agreement and ongoing enhancement offerings. 
  • Proven Success : Leverage our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients. 
  • CRM Customization : Utilize our customized customer relationship management module for improved interactions. 
  • Parameterized Setups : Configure and customize your billing system with parameterized setups. 

Integrated Billing System 

Our solution seamlessly integrates with various systems and processes, including:

  • Contract Management : Manage main agreements, opportunity management, and properties management. 
  • Customer Registration : Streamline customer registration, website integration, and customer services department module. 
  • Billing Process : Manage billing process in AX, MDM integration, reading validations, and invoice dispatch. 
  • Customer Service : Handle tickets management, MIMO, complaints, final bill, and contract closure management. 
  • Operations : Manage meter receiving, mounting, replacement process, maintenance module, and consumption ratio validations. 
  • Finance Integration : Integrate with standard finance modules, billing modules, CSD modules, and integrated payment channels. 
  • Reporting: Access client-specific reports, internal billing reports, external statements, and real-time dashboards. 

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Billing Management Solutions Modules


Customer Journey Module 

  • Enhance your customer experience with our Customer Journey Module, designed to streamline the registration process and improve customer engagement. Here’s how it works: 
  • Customer Registration : Simplify the registration process for customers, allowing them to easily sign up for your services. 
  • Email Verification :  Ensure the security of customer accounts by requiring email verification during the registration process. 
  • Registration Request : Enable customers to request registration through a user-friendly interface, reducing administrative burden. 
  • Customer Request Portal : Provide customers with a portal where they can submit requests, track their status, and communicate with your team. 


Customer Services Module 

Our Customer Services Module is designed to streamline customer interactions and improve overall service delivery. Here’s how it can benefit your organization: 

  • Customer Verification : Verify customer information to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud. 
  • Documents Verification : Streamline the verification process for customer documents, reducing manual effort. 
  • Move-in Request : Enable customers to easily submit move-in requests, simplifying the process for both parties. 
  • Move-out Request : Facilitate move-out requests, ensuring a smooth transition for customers. 
  • Ticket Processing : Manage customer service tickets efficiently, ensuring timely resolution of issues. 
  • Workflow Management: Streamline internal workflows to improve efficiency and service delivery. 


Billing Module 

Our Billing Module is designed to simplify and automate the billing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Here’s what it offers: 

  • Main Agreement Setup : Set up main agreements with customers, ensuring clarity and transparency. 
  • Meter Mounting : Manage meter installations and ensure accurate meter readings. 
  • Import Readings/Validation : Import meter readings and validate them for accuracy. 
  • Simulate : Simulate billing scenarios to understand potential outcomes. 
  • Generate Bills : Automatically generate bills based on meter readings and billing agreements. 
  • Post and Dispatch : Post bills and dispatch them to customers in a timely manner. 

Get the best Billing Management Solution with Dynamics 365 by Business Experts Gulf LLC

Reporting and Dashboards 

Our Reporting and Dashboards feature provides comprehensive insights into your billing and customer service operations. Here’s what it includes: 

  • Customer Balance : Track customer balances on a contract basis. 
  • Billing Report : Generate billing reports on a project basis. 
  • Security Deposit Report : Track security deposit information on a project or contract basis. 
  • Collection Report : Monitor collection activities on a project basis, including settlement details. 
  • Simulation Reports : Access reports on billing simulations for better decision-making. 
  • Proforma Invoice Report : Generate proforma invoices for accurate billing. 
  • Remittance Report : Track remittance information for better financial management. 
  • Connection Status Report : Monitor the status of customer connections. 
  • Late Payment Report : Track late payments to improve collection efforts. 
  • Consumption Comparison Report : Compare consumption patterns to identify trends. 
  • Bulk Invoice Reports : Generate bulk invoices for efficient billing. 
  • Excel Reports : Export reports to Excel for further analysis. 
  • Customer Statements : Generate customer statements on a contract basis. 
  • Power BI Dashboards : Access interactive dashboards for real-time insights into your operations. 

Enhance your billing process with our comprehensive solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can streamline your billing operations with Dynamics 365. 

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