Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is a newly introduced mechanism for Office application tools based on subscription Software services. It is designed to help different businesses reveal and utilize the professional presence that previously would’ve require an IT consultant to achieve.




Microsoft office 365 replace your business into the clouds and yet the control is within your hands. Office 365 is very cost effective, easy to use because of the desktop productivity suits that most of us are very familiar. These are add clouds base servers that brings things like email and instant messaging, email and calendar with exchange online features. Cloud base share documents and collaboration, plus IM, online meetings and video chats and other long list of add-ons.


Office 365 is one great application with all in one service that helps you makes the most of the clouds flexibility with quick deployment and migrations tools available – all available, fast and convenient and can replace all your in-house headache and costs. Join your teams with the experience they love, the Office applications they use in their daily routine. today, with Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for sharing, conferencing, calling and video.



Skype for Business  (Across Devices)
Join with your team anywhere using our mobile apps across Android, iOS and Windows, or bring remote participants into meeting spaces of all sizes with Skype for Business Room Systems and Surface Hub.


Complete Meeting Solution


Modern Voice with Cloud PBX


Security, Control and Compliance

Benefits of Office 365

  1. Reduce risk of in-house limitations by utilizing cloud computing
  2. Microsoft Hosting and warranty
  3. No VPN required and can be access anytime
  4. Fully sync mobile devices with calendar contacts at anytime
  5. New security policies adopted
  6. MS Office on different mobile devices.
  7. Valuable software available (SharePoint, Skype for Business, SkyDrive)
  8. Recurring monthly cost and easy calculation of costs and consumption.
  9. No need for Microsoft licensing upgrade and contracts – all are up to date with office 365

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