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What You Need to Know About Android Operating System

by admin / May 04, 2021

Know About Android Operating System – It is mind blowing how mobile phone devices have revolutionized the communication industry in just less than a decade. The communication industry has turned to be one of the most lucrative with billions of revenue up for grabs.

Over the years, we have seen emergence of applications and operating systems aimed at tapping into this market with a very huge consuming population. Just a decade ago, it used to be a challenge getting in touch with someone with the traditional fixed landline telephones.

Getting a connection to your home was a very expensive affair that only the elite in the society got involved in, but just when very few could imagine; there came the invention of mobile phones.

Keeping in touch in this 21st century is the norm in day today life. One cannot imagine living without their devices next to them others jokingly terming their phones as their ‘wives’. Our current generations of mobile phones has a dedicated operating system and among them are android, iPhone Operating system referred to as iOS and Windows just to mention a few.

Android application systems to be particular have revolutionized the industry with over 50% of mobile phones globally running on android operating system. Just like in your computer, you have to have an operating system that acts as link between the hardware component of the computer and the user for efficient way of communication and interaction. Without this, we would have to communicate in machine language.

However, having android operating system installed in your phone does not guarantee you efficient use of your phone; it just enables you efficient interactions but you cannot perform basic tasks with your device. For an efficient use of your android device, you have to install android applications.

For every action and task you want to perform, you have to get an application that runs that task. One important thing you must keep in mind is that you do not just get an application that runs on android operating system, just like in windows family, you have to get an application that runs on that generation of android Operating system. For instance, for you to make a call, you have to get an application from the apps store to enable you make the call. For messaging, you get a matching application for the said purpose.

One thing though, that the users have to note is how these applications are sourced. Android being a subsidiary of the Google Inc. has tried as much as possible to make the acquisition of these applications very reachable. An independent portal called Play store has been set aside in such a way that for any emerging application developed, availability is never a hassle.

One thing that any developer has to keep in mind is user-friendliness of their products and this is where android applications get a thumb up. The applications are very user friendly such that anyone who has ever used a mobile phone before can be able to use it without any difficulty.

If you are planning to acquire a phone running on android operating system, go ahead, it is such a resourceful operating system with ease of use and availability of applications and upgrades. Business Experts Gulf develops Android applications to suit customer’s needs; be it custom made applications to suite your business; they work hand in hand to make it a reality.