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Blog >> The importance of dynamics 365 in digital transformation

The importance of dynamics 365 in digital transformation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the leading, and comprehensive software suites facilitating brilliant fusion of CRM and ERP cloud services simply focused on a particular business process. This is an integrated cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions.

dynamics 365 in digital transformation

Brief about the MS Dynamics

Since it is an integrated solution, it provides the intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office 365. MS Dynamics 365 includes some of the vital apps for the high-end sales forecast in the field of project service automation, field service, customer service, and operations.

Create Custom Business Apps with App Designer

This is actually one step ahead in an innovative approach, along with the increased functionality in MS Dynamics 365 as a requirement for the creation of the business app is done with this feature. One of the best parts about the app designer is that each and every user has the option of creating business apps easily. They will not need any kind of coding knowledge at all.

Get To Know About the Features
App designer is actually considered as one of the additional functionalities. It mainly comes as the simplified approach, which facilitates the ultimate creation of the custom business apps. Some of the instances of these apps are dashboards, entities, views forms, and business processes for your business organization as per your specific needs.

Easy Editing With Editable Grids
Microsoft in dynamics 365 has recently introduced the all-new editable grids as a new feature. Through these editable grids, you can easily edit any specific records from any entity by its grid view itself. It comes with a specific feature, which has custom embedded visual controls.

This specific feature can help to enhance the intuitive CRM user interface for certain business needs contains website preview, calendar, YouTube player across the mobile client application for phones and tablets.

Users will get a rich visual experience in a certain form of customs controls of star ratings, switches, sliders, and also video embedding. It comes in handy to helping all the mobile users out there to enter CRM data smoothly faster. These controls provide the rich visual experience of the entire user activities in a calendar format instead of a list.

MS Dynamics 365 Mobile Client
Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in handy for busy professionals for staining absolutely productive at work as keeping in touch with each and every customer is far easier to get the 360-degree view of the essential business solution.
Besides, the sales rep can easily leverage on windows Mobile CRM app along with the security roles simply assigned by an admin to access the customer data information instantly. It also helps in digital transformation, and there are plenty of benefits out of it.

Advanced business process integration in MS Dynamics 365 simply emphasizes on the certain way customer buys and then uses the business apps. Eventually, Dynamics 365 will also be tightly integrated along with Office 365.
Integrated office, 365 particularly with Outlook as a very common data model in the Dynamics 365 cloud, smoothens marketing automation activities. You will get to know plenty of benefits out of MS Dynamics 365. You can further learn about these tech strategies by contacting the professionals at Business Experts Gulf.

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