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What is the difference between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM?

by admin / May 04, 2021

What is the difference between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM?

Businesses find themselves in the constant need to devise better business solutions due to changing market trends and customer demands. Therefore it is often an observation that CRM solutions are crucial for building better business models for the company. Many businesses are familiar with the Dynamics CRM but find themselves fretting about the transition to Dynamics 365. Some of the basic differences in Dynamics 365 and CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Understanding the Basic Difference

To put it simply the Dynamics 365 is an advance and more integrated version to Dynamics CRM. It brings all the needs for developing business solutions on the same cloud-based platform including ERM, NAV, AX and CRM solutions. By making the transition from Dynamics CRM to 365 gives the business ability to manage all their data and operations in the same place and enjoy greater user- freedom. There are additional tools that further facilitate the analysis and business model creation.

Some Additional Features That Upgrade To Dynamics 365

As mentioned previously the main thing that creates a difference between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM is the amalgamation of all the needed tools. This means there are certain additions of newer tools in Dynamics 365 that were not present in its stand-alone CRM solutions counterpart. Here are a few tools and features that Microsoft has introduced in Dynamics 365.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Powered
One technology that has revolutionized the concept of data and analytics is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence without any doubt. The introduction of machine learning in the cloud-based platform of Dynamics 365 has made it possible for the software to learn from the data it collects. The data collected from numerous sources gets analysed for developing more effective CRM solutions with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Easy Editing Liberty for User
The platform has become more user-friendly for the company representatives. As compared to Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has greater user liberty in making applications and deductions from on the platform. The dashboard is more comprehensive which makes it easy to learn and use.

Get Perks of Autonomous Customer Interaction
The concept of autonomous Customer interaction is another improvement in the CRM solutions building that the platform makes available. The user can now create robust and autonomous customer marketing ventures like email marketing to interact with their customers. The platform also makes sure to keep customer data secure and maintain data privacy measures that the business follows.

Build Better Customer Relationships
The various customer relationship management features further help the company to enhance its customer relations. In addition to the email marketing facility, the platform also gives the required importance to customer feedback from the collected data. Again caution towards the security of customer data remains intact with the Dynamics 365.

Updating To Dynamics 365 from Dynamics CRM
The task of transitioning from Dynamics CRM to 365 is easy and free of cost for any business currently using Dynamics CRM. The basic underlying infrastructure for the cloud-based platform of Dynamics 365 is similar to Dynamics CRM. Some basic revisions made for the newer platform version are relatively easy to familiarize with.