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Blog >> What is PowerApps All About?

What is PowerApps All About?

To meet business needs, PowerApps was introduced as a suite of apps, connectors and data platform that provides a development environment to build custom apps as per the customization requirement of the business.

With Power Apps, you can quickly build custom apps on sources like Online and On-Premises applications (Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, etc) or we can connect the apps to Common Data Service.

What makes Power Apps recommendable is it provides an efficient workflow and business logic features and helps in the transformation of your manual business to a digital platform. The apps have a seamless process, responsive design both on the web as well as mobile. The beauty is No coding knowledge is needed to build the app.

Power Apps has an extensive platform that allows developers to interact with data and metadata, create connectors, integrate with external data.

App makers/creators

App makers

You can create three types of apps using Power Apps: Canvas, Model-driven, and portal.

You can start to create an app with and to know more about support and guidance on using Power Apps contact us at

Power Apps and Dynamics 365

Common Data Service which is used by Power Apps to secure data is the underlying platform that is used by Dynamics 365 applications, such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing. This lets to a process where there is no need for integration and you can build apps using Power Apps and Common Data directly against your core business data already used within Dynamics 365. For more information on Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service contact us at

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