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Using Microsoft Teams, Keep Your Team Running

Teams are moving to remote work or the trending term “WORK FROM HOME” because of the COVID-19 impacting the people around the world. Thus, during such a crucial phase of every individual life, Microsoft came with the initiative of providing Microsoft Teams Free Trial for 6 months.

With this free trial of Microsoft Teams, there arise few questions among the users:

  • How people can access the Free Teams Trial?
  • And how this free plan would increase service usage and how seamless service would be provided?
    So, we Business Experts Gulf team thought of sharing some information based on the above basic query.

Microsoft Teams Is Available For Everyone

Microsoft teams are part of the Office 365 plan. So, if your organization is having office 365 licenses, you are already a part of it.

We can start with Microsoft Teams right away if you have the following

It Professionals
The above links would work out for individuals but when it comes to a group of people in an organization, IT team must roll out Teams centrally, here are the steps to follow

  • For the business that doesn’t have a license for Teams, we Business Experts Gulf can help you with the free Office 365 E1 offer for 6 months.
  • For the Education domain, teachers, students and administrators who want to get connected on Teams, we Business Experts Gulf can help you with the free version of Office 365 A1 licenses which is available for all educational institutes.

Seamless Service And Keep Your Teams Up

According to statistics, from January 31st, there is a 500% rise in conference calls, meetings and an increase of 200% Microsoft Teams on mobile. Even with this high usage, the service on Microsoft Teams as been seamless with the availability of high and resilient service centers.

Change is inevitable and adjusting to work from home can be challenging. We at Business Experts Gulf are committed to providing you with the best support, tools, and tips to have work from home culture until this phase goes off.

Stay safe! Social Distancing is the need for the hour.

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