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Azure Vs On-premise: Which One To Choose For?

by admin / May 04, 2021

Azure Vs On-premise: Which One To Choose For?

On-premise data storage was the only option before the introduction of cloud for most of the businesses. But now technology is boosting, and every organization wants to adapt “on-cloud” storage for their data.

So what should you choose- Azure or On-Premise?

Although On-premise solutions have their uses. It lets companies to retain complete control on the functionality and secure onsite application monitoring.

However, there are few drawbacks, that needs to be considered in On-premise:

  • Lack of Scalability: Frequent updates usually requires modifications in hardware and software. It is a slow and time taking process.
  • Security risk: Physical servers you take on ‘real-world’ risks including damage, destruction, natural disasters, fire, water damage or simply hardware ‘wear and tear’.
  • Expensive: On-premise systems have a large installation cost. Not only that, they also require separate infrastructure for backup and disaster recovery, which is again time and money consuming.
  • Staff requirement: An on-premise storage requires local server and their Local Area Network with IT administrator to manage it.

Now when we talk about cloud, Microsoft Azure has the option to go full cloud or have a hybrid cloud setup, with a gradual transition from on-premise to cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

  • Faster than On-premise solutions: With Azure, you can use the service of Azure Auto Scale, this allows to scale up and down automatically based on metrics.
  • Azure VM for productive and agile: This service OF Azure Virtual Machine lets you create your own customized virtual machine within minutes. Also, the ability to switch between Linux and Windows on the same machine brings more flexibility to the team.
  • Cheaper than On-Premises: Azure offers flexible expenditure- You pay according to your need a usage, you save on energy, space and cooling costs.
  • Security: Services like Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management service. This service keeps the business secure and only relevant user have the access to the most sensitive information.

So, would you choose Azure or On-Premise?

This is a big decision for businesses and can’t be taken lightly. Every business has different needs, and you may also think that your current Azure on premise solution is working fine for you, so what is the need for the change?

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