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Blog >> Why Apple Operating System Is Gaining Popularity

Why Apple Operating System Is Gaining Popularity

Apple operating system also known as iOS, is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. as a way of creating tailor made products for its customers after they realized that it was losing a lot to its competitors. This move was because of its main competitor in the computer industry; Microsoft cooperation venturing into the lucrative mobile sector by introducing windows mobile. Over time, this operating system this operating has gained popularity since its inception in the year 2007.

Apple Inc. at the inception of the operating system only used it on its mobile phones; however, later on it incorporated it in its other devices. This move led to an increased in the popularity of such devices like iPod touch and later on there was the introduction of iPad mini because of the need to have a hybrid of both a mobile phone and a computer. This new device was more suitable for business executives on the move as it enabled one to use it while at the field since it contained the processing capabilities of a computer and compact enough like a mobile phone.

This operating system is popular because of its user interface with multi touch capabilities. Its unique and interesting capabilities such as pinch, swipe, tap and reverse pinch enables a user to interact with the device much effectively with great response. However, like its competitors, one has to source applications from the apple app store in order to be able to perform basic tasks using a phone running on the operating system.

Since its inception, iOS has been evolving from one generation to another. This simply means that more improved versions with sophisticated capabilities with much more improved processing power. One thing that apple beat its competitors is that each year, it provides updates of each operating system so that those that already have the earlier versions of the operating system are not left out. This enables a much more secure environment when connecting to the internet because of up to date spyware and firewall.

All these features however, come with a price. Apple devices are pricy and quite sleek. Some even term them as “devices for the rich”. One of the reason why it is expensive to acquire is that Apple Inc. builds its hardware components from scratch on their own. They build everything on their own so that the hardware is of the highest compatibility with the operating system, something that is very important for effective functioning of the devices.

IOS enjoy a 21% presence in the smartphone operating system with the remaining percentage dominated by android and windows mobile. Accessibility of the applications is always on iTunes store with one having to have an account just like with android operating system.

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