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Blog >> The Benefits of Choosing Microsoft Dynamic Business Solution

The Benefits of Choosing Microsoft Dynamic Business Solution

Benefits of Choosing Microsoft Dynamic Business Solution – The main concept of Microsoft Dynamics is to deliver best-in-class technology and processes to strengthen from the core of your business. To help you understand the benefits that it can give, you must first learn the solutions that CRM and ERP can provide.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

  • Marketing: It includes the capacity to plan, implement and determine the campaigns that will help you engage more and more customers. The software will help on how to reduce the time for marketing and how to develop the brand stability; focus on delivering customer experience through complexity campaigns; understand the behavior of customers engaged through data and scoring; track your performances on social web and; be familiar with ROMI or Return on Marketing Investment and BI or Business Intelligence.
  • Sales: The team needs to be familiar with the tools that can be used to adjust to the customer’s new journey.
  • Service: You have a wide number of customers from different places. Thus, you need to provide effective, relevant and responsive service anytime, anywhere and with any device. Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have the ability of engaging customers through channel around the world; provide customer service through unified service desk; increase case resolution with knowledgeable base and; empower your team to meet the customer’s satisfaction from day to day basis.
  • Social: Marketing teams shall be familiar with the advantages of using social insights. You need to understand how sentiment can be an opportunity with the use of Microsoft Social listening; get to know more about your customer by making conversation socially and; provide care for you customers everywhere by engaging your business on any channel.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

  • Financials: Accountability and compliance will be maintained while providing agility and speed required meeting the market conditions and changing requirements. Through ERP, you can monitor banking activities and manage financial processes for proper business decision.
  • Supply chain management: It includes hosting of organization-changing capacities that can make the supply chain easier than the usual. It also helps the company to connect and collaborate giving the ability to find the information you need to make quick and smart decision
  • Business intelligence: You will learn how to capitalize the details you can see on the workplace. It also help you identify the sales and inventory; avoid pitfalls by predicting trends; project profits and; determine the right time to add services and/or products.
  • Human resources: Attract and retain your positive and productive employees by helping them work with intuitive tools, performance indicator and personalized dashboard making their job easier.
  • Projects: Get detailed data about you project such as project status, billing, accounting and processes. It will give you complete information on costing, fluctuations, orders, efficiencies, customer relation, company’s performance and general profit.

To understand the benefits that Microsoft Dynamic CRM and ERP can provide, you must first know the solutions it can provide and how it can make your work more convenient.

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