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Blog >> Should you buy Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?

Should you buy Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?

Are you planning to get your personal computer an upgrade? If yes, then you would also have to get a new Microsoft Office pack as the tools included in it are vital. But, when you would be purchasing the office suite you would notice that there are two options for you to choose from. You can either get Microsoft Office 2019 or you can buy Microsoft Office 365. But anybody would get confused about the differences between the two.

Features Of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is available in standalone form. It means that once you have purchased the suite, you own the copy of it forever. You do not need to have a monthly subscription to use it. Also, the installation of this version of Microsoft Office is limited to one computer and it would receive all the new updates. It comes with 1-TB OneDrive cloud storage. It also offers you credits on a monthly basis that allows you to make landline calls from Skype.

Features Of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 works on a different plan. It offers applications that are there in the Office 2019 suite but has a lot more exclusive apps and features to offer. You have to pay the subscription amount on a monthly or yearly basis. Apart from that, the access to this suite can be with a total of six people at maximum based on the subscription chosen by you. That means with one subscription, you can use Office 365 on six different systems.

What Would Suit You The Best?

Microsoft is responsible for developing both the suites. Hence, it can be confusing which one to go for. Microsoft Office 365 is for the people that want to use a lot of apps at a low cost. It is the cheapest available option to upgrade. Also, it has an upper hand on Office 2019 if you wish to install the apps on any other system. It also comes with 1-TB OneDrive cloud storage and gives you Skype minutes.

However, you would need to purchase Microsoft Office 2019 if you wish to work on a commercial level. The cloud storage also provides an automated backup of the documents that you work on. If you need an original subscription of Microsoft Dynamics, visit Business Experts Gulf. Our services also include various Microsoft products. Therefore, in case of any requirement or trouble, dial us.

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