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Pros and cons of using bootstrap

by admin / May 04, 2021

Pros and cons of using bootstrap – Bootstrapping has now become popular in the front-end web development framework due to its effectiveness and compatibility without having to worry about getting involved in designing a new interface or application design.

Pros of using Bootstrap

Fast Development

One is able to develop a website or upgrade an existing one using bootstrap within a very short time and without much hustle. Its ability to debug within such a short time is the main reason behind it being fast.

Platform compatible

With the current advancement in website development and the need to develop a website compatible with any device in the market, bootstrap comes handy since it works with CSS and JavaScript, which work well with all devices, included portable ones.

Highly Responsive

Bootstrapping makes it easy to develop a website since you don’t have to alter any existing markup and hence this means that the already laid responsive infrastructure comes handy to your add on and upgrades.

Highly customizable

When developing any website, a web developer focuses on developing a customized website to meet the need of the client. Having a website that serves your needs without having to leave out some functions because the developer didn’t find the various features handy is always a letdown for many developers, however, bootstrapping comes handy in this case.

Cons of using Bootstrap

Quite Heavy to run

When developing a website, the focus should always be on the end user who will be accessing your website. With the current advancements in technology; where by many people are going mobile; it should be a priority to develop a website compatible with these devices. However, with bootstrapping, the websites takes a lot of time to open and the scripting involved drains a lot of battery, which makes it unpopular among users.

Look alike websites

Every web developer is now going bootstrap. This makes the entire website in the market look alike. Clients will always want unique things and hence developing a website using bootstrap will deny you that feature.

Doesn’t work without an enabled JavaScript

A user trying to access a website developed using bootstrap will be unsuccessful just like most of the websites if JavaScript is disabled.

Visitors won’t take you seriously

Whenever you develop a website, it is always important to develop a professional website. Websites developed using bootstrap and left in default style seems to scare visitors away. With the high cases of fraud, people will always think that such kind of website are always developed by fraudsters due to the fact that they are fast to develop. It is always important to customize your website to make it more professional to avoid such cases.

Way you go, bootstrap has both its good and bad and it is up to make that decision whether to use bootstrap. Bootstrap is such a powerful tool and can enable you develop that website you have always wanted within the shortest time possible, however, it is important to keep in mind to customize it. Business Experts Gulf always advises clients on this subject.