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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Navision ERP Software

by admin / May 04, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is widely known as the core solution. It deals with the intelligence or the brain of the company. Navision ERP Software is divided into four different areas such as GP for the resources control, AX for the processes support, SL for the complexities handling and NAV for the process control.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is creased for medium-sized companies which requires both manufacturing and distributing process. According to reviews, it is best for companies with up to five hundred employees. But for most, small companies with more or less three hundred employees are more suitable for the software. On the other hand, NAV may be produced by the Microsoft regulatory, it still has features and benefits that make it popular and applicable to all types of business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the process of automating and simplifying all business processes and it covers the whole procedure of the company such as:

  • BI or Business intelligence
  • CRM or Customer relationship management
  • Financial management system
  • Human resources management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project/Process management
  • Supply chain system
  • Workspace optimization

To make the Microsoft Dynamics NAV a user-friendly, it is equipped with multi-locations, multi-language and multi-units features. This makes the software more suitable and flexible for all business processes. Also, it offers high customization and high flexibility degree compared to other Microsoft products. If you are using other Microsoft applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, etc, it is easy to integrate your files to NAV. Thus, employees who are familiar with MS Office interface will find it easier to use the new software as well as the acceleration of implementation. It also integrates with MS SharePoint Server making the transaction and transmission of data from one to another location more accessible.

Since NAV deals with the process control, owners can now depend or take the data from it as the basis for creating decision through the quick access to comprehensive report and information transmitted by the NAV. The report can be exported, edited and recreated to meet a certain requirements.

To make it more convenient, Microsoft created an application that is suitable for most common platform such as windows, apple and android. The application can be downloaded easily on the application store to give you the capacity to get the data whenever you need and wherever you are. It is also good for owners, executives and managers who are always out of their office but needs to track business status.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is implemented easily and according to reviews, it allows your business to have the exact adaptability it requires to solve the economical along with the financial changes that is happening from the market as well as globalization. Also, it has support and training materials to educate you more on how to stay ahead. To be able to get the most out of the tool, it is advisable to study first the pros and cons, capacity and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.