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Blog >> Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Nav Apps

Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Nav Apps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP aims to provide excellent business solution. Along with this, they are continuously creating tools that will help you use the software in the most convenient way. The demand of handy phones or devices became the basis of the creation of Mobile NAV apps.

Microsoft understands how busy business owners are. They do not stay at one place especially those who have a lot of business meetings and conventions to attend. The creation of Mobile NAV apps solved the hassle schedule of owners. It gives you the capability to track your business status, employee’s performance and customer relation anytime and anywhere you are. This user-friendly app can be downloaded easily from the app store to your device.

Mobile NAV store real-time business data and processes. Thus, it will help you keep on track whether you are on the go. Based on reviews by users, it is more ideal for sales agents, warehouse, shop and employees. Like the main role of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it will help you and your employees work faster and more efficient since they already have all the information they need.

Features & Advantages of Mobile NAV Apps

  • Regular Access to Business Data: With or without internet connection, you can access you need from your device. Thus, being in an isolated area where network is blocked will not stop you from doing your task. When you are offline, you can use the software and get the cached data when you were online. While, online connection will let you access real-time data directly from the company server.
  • Automated Process: It solves technical challenges including software updates and deployment, device management, information synchronization, and list of activities. It gives an advantage for employees to focus on their tasks without going back to the office to get a certain report since all the business data will be available on the device right away.
  • Adapting Business Needs: The application allows you to adopt business needs easily. It already comes with functionality corresponding to the standard business logic while meeting the customer’s satisfaction and expectation. You can also organize the user interface and synchronized the data that will be available for offline users.
  • Simplified Graphical User Interface: Mobile NAV has the user interface that allows the employees to perform their tasks by providing user friendly interface. It is updated with real-time data for the benefit of end-user as well as the owners for monitoring.
  • Available on Different Device Platforms: The application can be downloaded easily from the apps store to the devices with platforms such as Windows Mobile or Windows CE, iPad or iPhone and Android devices.

Since the main aim of the Microsoft Dynamics is to give convenience, Mobile NAV application completed the goal. It offers convenience and exact data to keep updated on your business track, customer relation and employee’s performance. To fully experience the benefit of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then you must get the mobile apps.

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