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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Essentials

by admin / May 04, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Essentials – Handling your business at the right way is another option to put it on success. There are two ways to get profit; from the customer and from the company itself. To help you make the most out of these two options, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer and ERP for business core are ready to help.

Through ERP, making profit within the core of your business is possible. It is a bit complicated compared to CRM where money or sales is incoming. But with the help of various solutions like gathering, storing, supervising and interpreting businesses activities, making profit from your business can be done more conveniently.

Enterprise Resource Planning helps you to study the information inside the company with one aim – to make profit. Compared to CRM where money comes from sales or customers, the profit here will come from costs cutting at sides of the company. It includes studying where to get raw materials that is cheaper yet same or higher quality from the current, developing a product, device or machine that will help the process easier, planning of the tasks that should be done without wasting any time and so on. All information on how to cut cost and end up being profit will be supplied by ERP.

To make its function possible, ERP is divided into four essential solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics AX which supports the financial comprehensive processes; Microsoft Dynamics GP giving your company the control on decisions, resources and finances for your employees’ benefit; Microsoft Dynamics SL which handles the complexities of the company and run it smoother and; Microsoft Dynamics NAV which controls the process, precise the supply and insight employees. These four solutions are working together to make the main concept possible.

Financially, ERP maintain the compliance and accountability while providing the required speed and agility to meet the market conditions and/or change requirements. The ERP will let you monitor financial activities and control the processes to help you create proper business decision. In supply, ERP will help you collaborate to track all information about the supplies.

BI or Business intelligence is also required on this process of making profit. Through ERP, you will learn the right way to capitalize all the information on the workplace. Also, it will help you be familiar with the inventory and sales to avoid pitfalls and predict trends. You will be engaged on how to profit on every projects by determining the right timing to make a new service or products. On projects, all the details will be supplied to you such as project status, billing, process, accounting, laps, damages, profits, efficiencies, customer relation, schedule, company’s performance and end-profit. It will give you all information you need which you can use for future decision making.

Another positive way to attract profit is by making positive employees. Giving them the comfort not just with the environment but with the information and data they need to accomplish their task smoothly will help your core business succeed.