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Microsoft Cloud Service explained Microsoft Azure

by admin / May 04, 2021

Microsoft Cloud Service explained Microsoft Azure

Digital transformation is real.  And some of the forward-looking Middle East enterprises are making it a reality with Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft cloud is a place where individual and businesses rely on third party to manage their data and computer processing via internet.

Believe it or not, businesses of all sizes today are taking advantage of this utility.

Take an example, the way in which you get electricity supply at businesses and at home. In similar way, Microsoft cloud supply secure, reliable and scalable shared data center that you can simply plug-in to use.

All this, you get with the help of Cloud Service Models- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service)

Benefits at your side

In simple terms, it is a pay-as-you-grow technology. All of this is really useful to people and organizations who want to host services or develop applications.

With all the benefits on your side, let us now see what Microsoft cloud has in store for you.

Microsoft is now focusing on its cloud offerings such as Office 365 and Azure. It is also increasingly focusing on how artificial intelligence can change the game for businesses to automate routine tasks across industries.  And, Azure offers a comprehensive set of flexible AI services for any scenario.

Companies are utilizing it for disaster recovery, development, test and production environments for custom applications and web hosting. It is highly flexible; it will accommodate the evolving needs of your business and hosted applications.

How Microsoft Azure is benefits you?

  •        No need to buy hardware
  •        Pay monthly
  •        Server upgrades
  •        Full Operational Capability
  •        Low setup cost

This is the power of cloud!

Reach out to our experts at Bemea if you have any further questions on how you can benefit from the cloud-based platform.