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Blog >> 5 Productivity Breakthroughs from Enhanced Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Document Management Integration

5 Productivity Breakthroughs from Enhanced Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Document Management Integration

The role of the IT team has changed dramatically over the past decade. Their focus is no longer limited to just managing hardware and software. They are now expected to be true partners to their line of business “customers,” helping to maximize the value realized from deployed technology. With this transition, organizations now heavily depend on IT to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the applications they implement and support, and to structure these applications to deliver seamless business process management across the company.

For many organizations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been transformational, centralizing information to deliver on the promise of end-to-end customer visibility and improved levels of service. Much of that customer information is contained in the form of documents – from contracts to engineering specs to project plans. As a result, optimizing the management of those documents is critical for the organization to realize the full value of CRM.

There are, however, limitations to the native document handling capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that create significant impacts for the organization and require careful consideration. This white paper is intended to help those responsible for the success of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – both IT professionals and line of business managers – and explain the value of an enhanced document management solution.
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