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How to Establish Better Consumer Relationships through Microsoft Dynamics

by admin / May 04, 2021

The accomplishment of your business depends on the service you offer and the type of the customer you are targeting. Microsoft dynamics ERP provide tool and software linked to financial administration system. It also helps in delivering the customers fulfillment and putting your business into success While, Microsoft dynamics CRM focus on customer relation which helps you establish good consumer relationships.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management comes with different solution. It offers smart, social and personalized service while focusing on how to meet the needs of customers which includes the following:

  1. CRM will orient you on how to identify and analyze the clients which will end up giving you the idea on how to value them.
  2. Give the cross-sell and/or up-sell opportunities to sales individuals.
  3. Keep the record of sales and the products that are in demand. This will give you knowledge on what kind of consumers do you have and how to meet their satisfaction.
  4. Maintain the marketing activities as well as the client’s activities focusing products and services available.
  5. Monitor current sales for evaluating and improving sales including the products that satisfy a set of customer at s certain area.
  6. Offer convenient way to pay as well as getting information from the consumers. You must consider the payment center, banks or mode of payment that are available near your consumers. This time, your knowledge about their location helps.
  7. Provide a customer care center, call center or servicing teams that has the capability to offer customer relation service.

Aside from this, Microsoft dynamics also offer solution to calculate, observe and maintain marketing, service and sales activities through:

  • Centralize service records to perform fast reconciliation.
  • Observe sales of a particular client’s profile so both successful and unsuccessful information will be used accordingly. This will be your basis on the decisions that can be made on a certain situation.
  • Offer cheap discounts or promotions according to demands, product availability and customer’s preference.
  • Pursue marketing processes used by connecting all clients’ concern on every campaigns and coordinate with marketing and sales team.

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution has four different types and all of them have special functions. First, is GP or Great Plains allows your company to control the resources, finances and decisions giving your employees the convenience.Next AX which supports the processes with comprehensive financial functionality that helps people to embrace and anticipate change. While, SL or Solomon is to handle the complexities to run a business that is more efficient. Lastly, NAV gives you control to process, insight employees and study a particular supply chain.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, Microsoft Dynamic Solutions also helps businesses to earn insights, manage financial and accountability compliance, handles organizational development, enhance productivity individuals and processes, adjust alterations according to business current condition and reduce IT operating cost. To be able to provide better consumer relationship, you must understand the Microsoft Dynamic solutions, its benefits, differences and operational process.