Blog >> Empowering Business innovation for modernizing Retailers and manufacturers with Copilot

Empowering Business innovation for modernizing Retailers and manufacturers with Copilot

by admin / March 15, 2024

Empowering Business innovation for modernizing Retailers and manufacturers with Copilot

Retailers can now provide customers with unique, unified, and tailored shopping experiences across all channels with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce, an all-encompassing omnichannel solution. In order to improve the productivity of store associates and suit the increasing needs of customers and enterprises, Dynamics 365 Commerce continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities in the 2024 release of Wave 1. Some of the most notable upcoming features are as follows:

With the launch of Site Builder, Copilot is becoming worldwide and multilingual

Site Builder’s generative AI assistant, Copilot, facilitates the development of interesting and useful content for online stores. Based on user feedback and product information, Copilot creates product enrichment content with a brand tone and customizes it for particular customer segments.

Copilot in Site Builder is adding support for 23 new locales in the first release wave of 2024, including languages like German, French, Spanish, and more. This feature showcases Microsoft’s dedication to expanding Copilot’s accessibility worldwide and giving users the power to effortlessly and efficiently create content in multiple languages.
We are redoubling our efforts to develop an all-encompassing B2B solution for online trade by bolstering B2B indirect commerce.

Retailers may sell directly to customers and businesses with the help of Dynamics 365 Commerce, which supports both B2C and B2B commerce scenarios. Dynamics 365 Commerce strengthens its B2B investments in the first wave of the 2024 release by adding support for B2B indirect commerce. This feature allows manufacturers to have full visibility into sales and inventories through a network of distributors.

Manufacturers may now offer a self-service platform to distributors, which streamlines their operations and helps them develop lasting relationships with customers through honest and open transactions. Manufacturers can place orders on behalf of their clients with specific distributors, distributors can access product catalogs and prices according to their partner agreements, and outlets can follow the progress and history of their orders.
Software for Microsoft Dynamics Business buyers affiliated with several outlet organizations may now purchase for all of them with ease thanks to commerce’s streamlined multi-outlet ordering. Commerce enables efficient purchasing by enabling users to easily make purchases for various organizations using a single email account.

In addition, organizations can take advantage of Dynamics 365 Commerce’s support for advance ordering, a standard practice that guarantees sufficient stock when needed. Customers can now add extra order notes and designate a preferred delivery date with this functionality.

You should also add functionality to an e-commerce site’s promotions page so that customers can see all of the current sales and discounts. Current and future promotions can be seen on the promotions page.

The iOS Store Commerce app will soon support Adyen Tap to Pay

With the Store Commerce app, sales associates may use their mobile devices to process customers’ purchases whether they’re in the store, at a pop-up, or even at a remote location. Many other payment options, including cash, cards, gift cards, and loyalty points, are available within the Store Commerce app.

To facilitate the widespread use of Apple iPhones as payment methods, Dynamics 365 Commerce is integrating Adyen Tap to Pay features into the Store Commerce app for iOS in the first release wave of 2024. With Adyen Tap to Pay, the Store Commerce app becomes even more useful and flexible by doing away with the need for extra hardware or peripherals to process payments. Shop workers may engage with customers anywhere in the shop and complete transactions instantly, allowing merchants to provide a more customer-centric and engaging in-store retail experience.

The Store Commerce app streamlines and standardizes the payment procedures in various ways, allowing you to speed up the checkout process.

The accuracy and reliability of a point-of-sale (POS) system’s payment processing are two of its most important features. Customers are able to spend more time shopping and less time waiting when salespeople can easily accept many payment methods.

Improved point-of-sale (POS) payment processing and the establishment of more uniform workflows for all payment types are features of Dynamics 365 Commerce’s first release wave for 2024. The redesigned user interface streamlines the payment confirmation and selection process, which in turn decreases the number of screens and clicks required and gives the sales associate clear instructions and feedback. Split tendering, made possible by the improved user experience, lets users pay using numerous methods simultaneously.

More efficient checkouts and happier consumers are the results of an enhanced point-of-sale payment processing user experience. Since the payment procedures are simple to learn and master, it will help cut down on training time and effort for store staff.

Making it possible for stores to use the Store Commerce app to keep tabs on batch-controlled product inventory.

For the sake of quality control and traceability, items that are produced in batches and linked with distinct IDs are known as batch-controlled products. Industries where product quality and safety are paramount, such as food, chemicals, and electronics, frequently employ batch-controlled products.

Dynamics 365 Commerce adds functionality for batch-controlled items to the Store Commerce app in the first release wave of 2024. As part of sales or return operations, employees can now scan or enter the product’s batch number, and the system will check it against inventory records. Salespeople can also see the products’ batch details, including the date of manufacturing, lot number, and expiration date, with this function.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is committed to helping you succeed by delivering top-notch tools and solutions that will enhance your business operations and satisfy your customers. Dynamics 365 Commerce offers something fresh for everyone, whether you want to automate and integrate order management workflows, increase your B2B commerce potential, automate and create compelling content for your e-commerce site, or improve your inventory management and payment processing.