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Use Dynamics 365 Field Service booking capabilities to Optimize Service Delivery?

by admin / May 17, 2024

Use Dynamics 365 Field Service booking capabilities to Optimize Service Delivery?

Complex in nature, field service management calls for smooth cooperation among suppliers, customers, equipment, and technicians. In Dynamics 365 Field Service, Microsoft has added two new features, namely “Complete Work Order by Status” and “Complete Booking While Preserving End-Time,” to help with these complications.

These functions are meant to improve customer satisfaction, cut expenses, and maximize service delivery. Let’s get more into each feature now.

Complete Work Order by Status

Through the first feature, Complete Work Order by Status, field service companies can use a booking status to determine whether more work is needed to finish a work order. Through the ability of technicians to indicate when further work is needed on a work order, field service teams may more easily understand the activities needed to complete a work order.

Why Do You Need It?

It is not unusual in the field service industry for what starts as a simple service request to become a complicated task that needs several follow-up visits to complete a work order.

Field service crews had trouble in the past appropriately reflecting this information without using custom logic when more unexpected visits were needed to complete a work order. But now with the “Complete Work Order by Status” function, these unforeseen visits may be easily identified as needing follow-up by using a booking status to signal the need for more work to complete the work order.

How does it function?

Administrators should go to the Resources area of Dynamics 365 Field Service to configure this capability. Locate Booking settings and select Booking Status. Administrators can either establish a new finished status or choose one that already exists. Administrators should then access the Field Service tab within the chosen booking status. Turn off the “Status Completes Work Order” toggle under the “Field Service Status” menu.

Technicians can use the newly set booking status to show when a booking is finished and when further work on the related work order needs to be done. For field service crews, this modification improves their understanding of the activities required to complete work orders and streamlines their workflow.

Complete Booking While Preserving End-Time

Complete Booking while Preserving end-time makes sure the end-time value won’t immediately update to the current timestamp when a booking is reported as finished by someone other than the designated resource. It will, instead, hold onto the booking’s end-time value. In the record-keeping process, this helps guarantee correctness and uniformity.

Why Do You Need It?

The foundation is the field service professionals, who put up endless effort to finish jobs on time, handle customer complaints, and meet deadlines. But sometimes, in the middle of their busy schedules, mistakes happen, such as forgetting to label a task as “completed” when it’s done. Sometimes dispatchers or field service supervisors intervene to manually adjust the technician’s booking status.

A dispatcher might, for instance, plan a repair task for 1:00 to 2:00 PM. The tech does the job at 2:00 PM despite an unanticipated delay, but he neglects to change the booking status to “completed.”

When the dispatcher eventually realizes the error, the following day at 9:00 AM, she manually records the reservation as finished.

Before, this would show an erroneous 19-hour employment duration with a 9:00 AM end time. The new “Complete bookings while preserving end-time” logic keeps the original end-time value of 2:00 PM when a user other than the designated resource modifies the booking to complete on behalf of the technician.

How Does It Function?

If someone other than the designated resource declares a booking as completed, the end-time value will no longer update instantly to the current timestamp. It will, instead, hold onto the end-time value until it is finished. This guarantees that the procedure for keeping records is accurate and consistent.


These new features for Dynamics 365 Field Service are intended to give field service teams better work order and booking tracking capabilities and to make technician jobs easier. These developments provide accuracy and effectiveness, which raises the standard of services, lowers costs, and pleases customers.

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