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Build your brand with ease using Microsoft 365 for small and medium businesses

by admin / February 21, 2024

Build your brand with ease using Microsoft 365 for small and medium businesses

Microsoft 365 makes it easy for small and medium enterprises to build their brand. Take a look at how Microsoft 365 for small and medium businesses have made it an ideal moment to implement it into your company’s operations.

With Clipchamp, creating high-quality video is now a breeze

A company’s brand strategy should include video. A compelling video has the power to captivate viewers and motivate them to take action. Making powerful video material is a breeze with Microsoft Clipchamp. With the intuitive interface, you’ll be up and running in no time, and you’ll obtain results that rival those of professionals. Believe anything you want; we won’t tell you anything. Check out Clipchamp and you’ll notice that it’s incredibly user-friendly—with features like:

  • Trimming, cropping, and speed control are common editing techniques that you are likely already familiar with.
  • Features like adding still photographs and recording and manipulating sounds are easily accessible.

Enhancements, such as timeline editing, are both powerful and intuitive. Quickly creating high-quality recordings is a breeze with Clipchamp. Editing them is a breeze because of the user-friendly UI. Plus, after you’re done, launching your new marketing campaign won’t be fraught with dimensional issues. Clipchamp makes it easy to edit your video so it can be shared on other platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook, so you can easily reinforce your brand.

Microsoft Loop can help you stay organized.

Keeping track of all the assets, notes, activities, and dates involved in making your film can be a real challenge. The ability to work in any app while maintaining sync with your team is essential, as is a central location to store all project pieces.

Introducing Microsoft Loop, an essential AI-powered tool for collaborative production. Loop allows you and your team the freedom to collaborate in your favorite software using Loop components, keeping your work organized by bringing all the aspects of your project together in one spot. These files are easily transferable and always up-to-date in all the places they’ve been shared, including Outlook, Teams, and more. Loop is now available to all Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business Standard users at no extra cost. Stop what you’re doing and download the Loop app right now. For those using iOS or Android, be sure to install the mobile app.

Microsoft Teams Essentials and Teams Phone now have new capabilities

Microsoft Bookings is included with Microsoft Team Essentials, so your customers can arrange meetings with you effortlessly and you can focus on their requirements instead of meeting scheduling. To facilitate online gatherings, Microsoft Bookings works in tandem with Teams.

Instead of navigating to the Teams Admin Center or the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, administrators may now set up Teams directly within Teams. You can access Microsoft support, see suggestions for how to use Teams, and find the best settings for small businesses in the Admin app. For companies with fewer than 25 users, Microsoft 365 for small and medium businesses is pre-installed and accessible in Teams for administrators. Any company, no matter how big or small, can get it via the Microsoft Teams Store.

Shared calling is one of the new features in Teams Phone that lets you give a single number and plan to several licensed customers. To avoid having to deal with delegates, administrators, or assistants, a private line allows you to assign a second phone number to a limited group of callers. Also, you may set up notifications for protected voicemail, which is a way for both internal and external callers to leave encrypted messages.