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Adapting to change with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

by admin / March 07, 2024

Adapting to change with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

As the business world changes quickly, companies have to deal with many problems to meet their customers’ needs and stay relevant. Many people found it hard to keep up with the fast pace of change and the financial stress that came with it. This blog post will talk about some of our recent successes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales users in the manufacturing and financial services fields.

Each of these businesses uses Dynamics 365 Sales to solve specific problems and achieve great business results. For example, they use it to improve relationships with clients, streamline processes, and cut down on overhead costs. So, whether you work in industry or financial services, come with us as we look at how to improve sales with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Streamline Processes

Dynamics 365 Sales can help you succeed by streamlining your processes and getting great results. Dynamics 365 Sales is changing the finance industry by helping banks build better relationships with their clients.

People who do business with banks and insurance companies expect a personalized experience that fits their specific wants. People who have been with these institutions for a long time expect them to know them and offer them services that are important to them. Large financial institutions, on the other hand, tend to have branches all over the world. Each branch has to provide a range of services and goods based on the needs of the local market and on changes in the rules.

Transcribe and Analyze Better

Investec, a global financial services business, uses conversation intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales to accurately transcribe and analyze sales calls in order to deal with these issues. This helped build stronger ties with clients, figure out what to do next, save time, and lower overall costs.

Consolidate Everything

One of the biggest asset management firms in the world is Franklin Templeton, which takes pride in taking good care of its customers’ money. It wanted to combine all of its different customer relationship management (CRM) tools into a single all-in-one sales platform so that it could collect customer data more quickly after making some purchases. The Franklin Templeton technology team did proof-of-concept tests and found that Dynamics 365 Sales was the best CRM option because it had pre-built integrations and easy-to-use interfaces. This made the company’s relationships with customers better and its operations more efficient.

Get More Power

Companies in the manufacturing business have to coordinate their work with many partners, customers, and internal departments. However, buyers want events that are always the same. In this business, traditional dealer networks have been very important, but now users want to talk directly to the manufacturer. Let’s look at some of the Dynamics 365 Sales users in this field who have done well.

Save More Time

Lexmark, a global company that makes printing and image technology, needed to change the way it does sales and reports in order to make the transition to digital more stable. It was hard to make configurations with the company’s old configure, price, quote (CPQ) system because it didn’t connect to other platforms within the company’s complicated product and service ecosystem. The company combined its CRM and CPQ systems using Dynamics 365 and Experlogix CPQ. This cut the number of quote changes by 43% and the time it took to get a quote down by a large amount.

Get it Customized

A German company called Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG designs, makes, and sells power tools for both business and home use in the building, landscaping, and forestry and agriculture industries. Customers of STIHL want the same experience every time they interact with the company, whether it’s online, in print, or at a store. But STIHL did not have a single CRM system. To get around these problems, STIHL set up a central system that would combine data from dealers and customers and make its business processes more clear. The STIHL OneCRM was released. It is based on Dynamics 365 sales and customer service. This solution gives you a full picture of your customers and expert dealers. When STIHL put this answer into place, it greatly sped up its customer service response time and increased openness within and between its global sales subsidiaries.

Deploy it Quickly

Siemens Mobility has been a leading provider of transportation solutions for 160 years. They work on complicated projects that involve many teams, customers, and partners. It was very important for the company to find a CRM system quickly in the spring of 2020 that could keep up with its highly collaborative sales process and complex customer journey. Siemens made the switch to the new CRM system in just five months. Siemens Mobility has been using Dynamics 365 to make marketing communications more streamlined, personalized and fast for their tender-based sales processes. Dynamics 365 is used for everything from getting leads to closing deals. It is used to generate leads, qualify leads, and handle accounts and opportunities. Siemens can easily keep track of how well all of these processes are working across all touchpoints because they are all part of the same system. They can also keep improving the way they work so that they can keep giving the world reliable, sustainable, and easy-to-use transportation options.

Getting ready for Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales

Now you know how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has helped five companies in the manufacturing and financial services fields reach their sales goals. They all had different problems to solve, but they all had the same goal: to give their users more value. If you are in need of a CRM, contact Business Experts Gulf. We can help you improve sales with Dynamics 365 Sales through its customization and implementation for your busines