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An app virtualization service which is a virtual desktop that runs on cloud.

Why Remote Work is an Obligation: Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Need to deliver a solution that enables users to connect securely from any device and any location
  • Increasingly elastic workforce (i.e. mergers/ acquisitions, short-term employees, contractor/partner access)
  • Employee-specific needs (i.e. BYOD or mobile staff, call centers, remote workers)
  • Enable employee productivity with a virtualized experience on any device from any location
  • Reduce effort to setup, configure, & monitor security
  • Simplify management, provisioning, & access to corporate data & apps

So, what is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop

Window Virtual Desktop Opportunity

Business demands haven’t changed and are in fact greater in the era of SOCOMO (social, cloud, mobile) and IT organizations.

Many IT service management (ITSM) professionals and organizations were still focused on the ITSM models of ITIL V2 and V3, not even adopting the updates in ITIL 2011. The patterns generally haven’t changed to address Agile, so movements such as DevOps emerged to drive more operations into application development.

Many of the capabilities provided by cloud and mobile became mainstream after 2013, necessitating an evolutionary position for IT service management. Therefore, Modern Service Management was conceived.

It’s not a framework; it’s not a product or something licensed.

MSM is simply…

A lens, intended to focus ITSM experts around the globe on the most important outcomes that evolve our customers from earlier, traditional IT models toward easier, more efficient, cost effective and agile service structures.
– Microsoft 2016

Microsoft 2016


  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the best virtual desktop and app experience, delivered on Azure

Best Product:

  • Multi-session Windows 10 delivers Client experience, on shared VMs
  • Optimized for Office 365 ProPlus – Microsoft Office applications are some of the most highly used and most virtualized applications for any business. Poor email client performance is one of top issues preventing many enterprises from fully adopting non-persistent virtual desktop models.
  • For administrators, the various workarounds to this problem can result in dramatically increased server utilization, increased cost, and ongoing poor and inconsistent performance for end users. With FSLogix, Office 365 ProPlus enables faster load times for user profiles in Outlook and OneDrive. FSLogix Apps Profile Containers move the entire User Profile, including the registry, to an in-guest container, which appears to be fully integrated with the local system.
  • This approach eliminates the need for Folder Redirection or other network-share based workarounds leading to long server queues during peak periods. User email performance is returned to ‘normal’, or indistinguishable from running Outlook in a well-optimized local computing environment.
  • Microsoft takes care of the control plane, keeps the service up and running
  • Includes all FSLogix technologies including, Profile Container, App Masking and Java Redirection.

Best Value

  • Most Enterprise customers already have the licensing they need
  • Avoid W7 extended support costs – Free Extended Security Updates
  • Improve efficiency through Windows 10 Multi-Session, intelligent load balancing, and Server (RDS) deployments.

Cloud Scale

  • get all benefits of Microsoft’s cloud scale including high availability and scalability, cost effectiveness, security, and privacy.
  • WVD is designed for customers to bring desktops to cloud, and this service is only going to get better, as MSFT wants this workload on Azure.

Cloud Scale

Why Trust Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • Cybersecurity Research and development is the key place where Microsoft invests around USD 1 billion annually.
  • Flexible and scalable pricing where we pay only for the Virtual Machines and Azure storage consumed.

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