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Window Virtual Desktop Opportunity

Business demands haven’t changed and are in fact greater in the era of SOCOMO (social, cloud, mobile) and IT organizations.

Many IT service management (ITSM) professionals and organizations were still focused on the ITSM models of ITIL V2 and V3. Not even adopting the updates in ITIL 2011. The patterns generally haven’t changed to address Agile. So movements such as DevOps emerged to drive more operations into application development.


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Windows Virtual Desktop Dubai

Windows Virtual Desktop Dubai, UAE

An app virtualization service which is a virtual desktop that runs on cloud.

Why Remote Work is an Obligation: Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Need to deliver a solution that enables users to connect securely from any device and any location
  • Increasingly elastic workforce (i.e. mergers/ acquisitions, short-term employees, contractor/partner access)
  • Employee-specific needs (i.e. BYOD or mobile staff, call centers, remote workers)
  • Enable employee productivity with a virtualized experience on any device from any location
  • Reduce effort to setup, configure, & monitor security
  • Simplify management, provisioning, & access to corporate data & apps

Many of the capabilities provided by cloud and mobile became mainstream after 2013, necessitating an evolutionary position for IT service management. Therefore, Modern Service Management was conceived.

It’s not a framework; it’s not a product or something licensed.

MSM is simply…

lens, intended to focus ITSM experts around the globe on the most important outcomes that evolve our customers from earlier, traditional IT models toward easier, more efficient, cost effective and agile service structures. You can also connect with us on our LinkedIn page Business Experts Gulf.




Window Virtual Desktop Opportunity

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