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Dynamics 365 >> What Does Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software Do?

What Does Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software Do?

What Does Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software Do?
Both logistics and supply chain management are important for medium to large-sized business models. Both have different roles but are equally important and very much required to keep the company’s processing going smoothly. So, what is the difference between logistics and supply chain management? The answer is simple, logistics is all about managing the process of integration and maintenance whereas, supply chain management is all about management and movement of supply chains and sustaining coordination among them. This means we will be describing the benefits of logistics software and supply chain management software separately to explain what software for each of these do.

What Does a Supply Chain Management Software Do?

Supply chain management software is a tool that is used to manage supply chain operations like:
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Quality management
  • Vendor management
UAE-based companies who are looking for different ways of increasing revenues and profits must get the best supply chain management software. Below are the benefits of using supply chain management software.

Promote Visibility

Transparency and visibility in a business give the edge to the third parties like vendors, distributors, and suppliers to trust your company and extend contracts. This is done by providing a unified view of processes, people, and business operations in supply chain management software. This enables managers, executives, CEOs, and other decision-makers in the company to perform better.

Improved Efficiency

A company is only able to improve and enhance efficiency in their business operations and processing when they implement good and reliable supply chain management software. This helps in eliminating any errors before they even occur and this results in executing processes smoothly and seamlessly.


Data is everything for a company but with an implemented supply chain management software, you will be able to see meaningful data that will give the latest and useful insights about the company’s progress, employees’ progress, profits and margins, forecast risks and suggest solutions and so much more.


A company only does good business when the production cost is less and that can be done by equipping the best supply chain management software which will allow you to monitor the quality of stock, reduce waste and keep track of shipments.

Reduced Risks

Businesses have to face environmental, political, and technical economic risks but that can be reduced when good planning is done with the help of AI data-driven insights furnished by smart supply chain management software. An AI-powered supply chain management software can also show insights on trends which can make you more aware of business risks – you can then make required decisions.

What Does a Logistics Software Do?

Logistics enables the flow of entities from an initial point to the consumption stage (this includes customers and businesses). Logistical operations include tracking, scheduling, and monitoring deliveries and their methods, seeing transportation modes, and management of vendors. You can say that logistics is a part of supply chain management which includes implementation and planning to transport products to the customers. Logistics also include the following:
  • Planning demand and supply
  • Managing third-parties
  • Control inventory
  • Order processing
  • Fleet management
  • Warehouse management
  • Inbound and outbound transport management
  • Distribution and sales
  • Managing suppliers
A logistics software eliminates the need of hiring several people for the above list – an LMS can single-handedly control all of these tasks. Below are the benefits of implementing logistics software.

Streamlined Transportation

Transportation is the toughest thing to manage when transferring products to customers or other businesses. There should be no delays and falls in the right place. An LMS will enable the managers and the drivers to keep in touch and get all the information about the customer and where the products should be transferred. This results in faster and on-time deliveries.

Eliminating Human Errors

Tracking different means and modes of transportation manually can mess things up and will require more than one person for the job and that is why logistics software will monitor and track all transportation and give real-time reporting.

Automate Tasks and Functions

Implementing logistics software will allow your employees to improve productivity by automating daily tasks that are mostly repetitive like creating load planning, creating shipping routes, and tendering to load, and such. It also helps in increasing efficiency and saves time as well.

Reduced Costs

A good and intelligent logistics software will show you a comparison of different delivery agents and shipping services and also, cost-effective means of transportation which will save you money and time. It also shows a cost-effective shipping plan.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of all businesses and the companies that deal in logistics. They have to get an AI-powered logistics software that will assist in business operations like budget planning, demand forecasting, planning routes, and much more.   

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